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THE kiss and tell memoirs of Sir Christopher Meyer, our former ambassador to the US, bemoan the fact that Tony Blair didn't use the leverage he had with Dubya Bush to stop the rush to war in Iraq.
The singer-songwriter duo plan to perform Crooked Man, a song about President George Dubya Bush.
George Dubya Bush (who ain't no Roosevelt) is presiding over a people in a funk.
Surely Dubya Bush doesn't still have a framed copy of this hanging up in his office.
The happy clappers are apoplectic, none less so than George Dubya Bush.
His new video depicts Tony Blair as a poodle to George Dubya Bush and also shows him apparently trying to get it on with the PM's missus, Cherie.
Avila's letter, he mentioned Clinton and Dubya Bush (dodgers) and how they got to be president while Gore and Dole didn't.
The money would be better spent putting him in the dock over the 10-year conflict he started with George Dubya Bush.
I think we already know Blair did a secret deal with George Dubya Bush to invade Iraq before he asked Parliament to approve the war.
Chief among them is none other than President George Dubya Bush, who has just purchased a new home in Dallas, Texas, worth EUR2million.
At the end of the day, anyone would be a marked improvement on George Dubya Bush.
JIMMY Carter has branded Dubya Bush as the worst president in history and Tony Blair's support for him abominable and subservient.
We've all heard corny jokes about Prescott and Blair and Jacques Chirac and George Dubya Bush.
Even the oil-drinking, chaffinch-brained Dubya Bush has finally accepted it.
Finally, our thoughts turn to George Dubya Bush, who, it is suggested, God speaks to directly.