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(trademark) a sweet aromatic French wine (red or white) used chiefly as an aperitif

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with comparable wines from the Napa Valley, Dubonnet offers a spicy aroma with a light and refreshing flavor.
At her Maundy Thursday visit the search was on to find a bottle of Dubonnet and a spirit measure.
The Queen Mum had requested an outdoor lunch, adding: "I think that I will take two small bottles of Dubonnet and gin with me.
Heaven Hill's diversified portfolio includes: the full line of The Christian Brothers Brandies; Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey; Whaler's Rum; Burnett's Gin and Vodka; Dubonnet Aperitif; Scotch Whiskies; Irish Whiskeys; Canadian Whiskies; vodka; gins; rums; tequilas; cognacs; liqueurs; cordials; and dessert wines.
IN her neat, elegant hand, the Queen Mum informs her loyal page: "I think I will take two small bottles of Dubonnet and gin with me this morning, in case it is needed.
Pernod Ricard Taiwan is a fully owned subsidiary which already imports and distributes Group brands such as Jacob's Creek, Jameson and Dubonnet.
Barely a week goes past without a new behind-the-scenes documentary that details exactly how the Queen likes her Dubonnet.
Heaven Hill's portfolio includes: Evan Williams Bourbon and Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon, The Christian Brothers Brandies and Dessert Wines, Burnett's Gin, Burnett's Vodka, Elijah Craig 18-Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon, Elijah Craig 12-Year-Old Bourbon, Heaven Hill Bourbon, Cluny Scotch, Isle of Jura Single Malt Scotch, DuBouchett Cordials, Dubonnet, Ansac Cognac, Two Fingers Tequila, O'Mara's Irish Country Cream.
ASDA say sales of the Queen's favourite tipple - gin and Dubonnet - have rocketed by 41 per cent since a butler was shown mixing the drink for Her Maj on the BBC1 series The Royal Family At Work.
Demand for gin and Dubonnet is up 41 per cent at Asda after a butler was seen mixing the aperitif and spirit for Her Majesty.
And finally, for those worried they might drink too much over the next week, it's been said that the Queen has three drinks every day before she's finished lunch (a gin and Dubonnet, a glass of wine and a gin Martini).
McGrady reportedly said Queen Elizabeth drank a gin and Dubonnet with a slice of lemon and ice before lunch.
The drinking regimen apparently starts before lunch with a gin and Dubonnet cocktail topped with lemon and lots of ice, reports The Independent.
These sites include the Vasa Pathway, Lost Lake Pathway and Lake Dubonnet State Forest Campground and Trail Camp.