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(trademark) a sweet aromatic French wine (red or white) used chiefly as an aperitif

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The Gin Daisy is a blend of Plymouth Gin, lemon juice, grenadine and sugar topped with soda water, while the Dubonnet Fizz mixes cherry brandy with Dubonnet, soda water and lemon and orange juices.
The modern French aperitif was created in 1846 by chemist Joseph Dubonnet as a quinine 'delivery system' to help people ingest the malaria-fighting medicine.
Don't know if he likes a stiff gin and Dubonnet, though.
I duck into the nearest pub for a consoling gin and Dubonnet, think about asking the man next to me at the bar about the Derby, about the Queen's horse.
Finally - and this one really is important - DON'T leave your computer logged on and unattended after Prince Philip has been at the Dubonnet, particularly if he has met anyone foreign, disabled, short, squinty, socialist or female in the previous 48 hours.
Instead of vermouth, it uses Dubonnet Blanc infused with chamomile, cardamom, and star anise.
Dubonnet is synonymous with classic French antiques imported from Paris' Marche aux Puces, restored in contemporary textures and traditional patterns with Lucite trims and accessory furnishings.
Her Majesty had earlier almost caught Lord's out on Friday when she ordered gin and Dubonnet - a favourite drink of the late Queen Mother - with her roast lamb.
Not that she had the courage to find out despite having run out of Dubonnet.
Among the rare cars on display will be the elegant DuBonnet Xenia Hispano-Suiza H6C Saoutchik Coupe that combines automotive and aircraft designs.
Written by attorney and Edgar Allan Poe Award-nominated author Tony Dunbar, Tubby Meets Katrina: A Tubby Dubonnet Mystery is an exciting mystery novel set in New Orleans during the and after the devastating Hurricane Katrina.
Heaven Hill's portfolio includes brands such as: The Christian Brothers Brandies, Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Hpnotiq Liqueur, Whaler's Rum, Burnett's Gin and Vodkas, Dubonnet Aperitif, Pama Pomegranate Liqueur, Agua Luca Brazilian Rum Cachaca among others.
One Sunday afternoon we invited people to join us for a glass of Dubonnet at a tiny painting studio on Union Square that had been owned by a Russian emigre named Dmitri Merinoff.
Says one: ``Her legendary sense of duty only really extended to the admittedly unpleasant task of drinking gin and Dubonnet.