Norway lobster

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edible European lobster resembling the American lobster but slenderer

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Q I have a recipe which calls for Dublin Bay prawns.
But whether it be the prawn, langoustine, tiger prawn or Dublin bay prawn, they all have a delicious flavour and taste best when bought in their freshest state.
The special starters were Dublin Bay Prawn Bisque and a Salad of Loin of Lamb with aubergine, tossed leaves, olives and feta cheese.
That's what happened after I ate a dodgy Dublin Bay prawn while we were on honeymoon driving round Ireland.
We're lucky to have three types native to our shores - brown shrimp, pink shrimp and Dublin Bay prawn.
The massively monstrous Dublin Bay prawn, resting threateningly on the side of the plate, could have been for decoration.
They are fished from Iceland to Morocco and the Dublin Bay prawn is just a title given to a type of prawn that does not necessarily come from that fair city.
The Norway lobster, also known as the Dublin Bay prawn or langoustine, has overtaken mackerel as the most important catch for Scots fishermen.
Serve on a bed of rice and garnish each plate with a whole cooked Dublin Bay prawn if you like.
The club was open for us by 7am and a lunch of Dublin Bay prawns would follow "immediately", as they used to say, at 1pm
For mains it was a couple of pizzas - Pizza Sandro featuring pepperoni, dolcelatte cheese, roast ham, olives, onions and smoked chicken and a Pepperoni pizza - along with a starter portions of tagliatelle alla vodka - egg pasta strips sauteed with courgettes and Dublin bay prawns flamed with vodka and finished with basil and a lasagne in a cheese sauce.
At The James Monro, there will be Dublin Bay Prawns, Guinness braised shin of beef with baby onions, mushrooms, colcannon and Guinness gravy or honey and whiskey glazed bacon loin with creamed cabbage, greens and potato boxty.
Her lipsmacking dishes include Dublin bay prawns with tomato and basil granita.
Langoustines are part of the lobster family and are sometimes known as Dublin Bay prawns and Norway lobster but, to be sure, look for nothing other than Scottish langoustines to guarantee you the best seasonal produce, particularly at this time of the year.