George W. Bush

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The teams' PR staff did their own publicity and Baseball Weekly picked it up, and the day the corn was planted two radio stations covered it (our president, George Dubbya was in Des Moines that day).
Compared to poor, gaffe-bound George Dubbya, Tony, on this evidence, is in the Churchill league.
What's so great about a political system that can't choose between George Dubbya and Big Al?
Dubbya went to bed at 11pm - just 45 minutes after his address to the US nation - with instructions he was not to be disturbed before 6am.
GEORGE Dubbya Bush reminds me of a bloke in my school who was a real thicko and a bully.
Bush splutters he is going to wipe someone out and Blair goes around apologising for his language, saying he doesn't really mean it and pleading with Dubbya to calm down.
Rwan, efallai nad oedd Dubbya yn ymwybodol o hanes yr ymladd ffyrnig a fu yn y Canol Oesoedd rhwng y Cristnogion a'r Moslemiaid, ond roedd y gair, er hynny, yn drwm gan arwyddocad.
AS BILL Clinton jetted off into the sunset last week, tears in his eyes and Danny Boy in his heart, there seems to be quiet satisfaction in northern unionist ranks that next man in the saddle will be Dubbya Bush.