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an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious

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The Highlanders are not likely to be seduced into imitating the dubash style, but their inability to read their gender codes poses a threat to their normative heterosexuality, threatening to ensnare them in dangerous attractions and affiliations.
Dubash was fined pounds 350 and had six points put on his licence.
Case studies are the other major alternative methodological approach in electricity studies (Newbery 1999, Dubash 2002, Millan and von der Fehr 2003), yet by their nature do not lend themselves to general conclusions.
Old school: Pupils (from left) Bareerah Sayed, Rebecca Guthrie, Neelam Deshmukh and Diana Dubash.
Dubash, Can Global Administrative Law Shape Local Political Opportunity Structures?
Education Welfare Officer Beverley Dubash said: "I hope this sends out a clear message.
Dubash, Tubewell Capitalism: Groundwater Development and Agrarian Change in Gujarat (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002).
Jamshed Dubash, director of technology, auto ID at Gillette Co.
Navroz Dubash, a researcher at the World Resources Institute who examined some of the effects of the water scarcity in Gujarat, notes that the flood of migrants depresses the local labor markets, driving down wages and diminishing the bargaining power of all landless laborers in the region.
Dubash, "Climate Politics in India: How Can the Industrialized World Bridge the Trust Deficit?
They don't have to negotiate on career growth and their salaries," says Tanya Dubash, executive director and president, marketing, Godrej Group.
Erien Dubash, 50, applied for her money back for 1,140 trips between 2004 and last year, and then used the refund vouchers to finance her travel.