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the largest city of Cameroon

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En langue duala, massosso ma nyambe veut dire litteralement << les trois piliers d'un foyer >>.
Igbo Isi [HF] = smell isi [H] = head isi [LF] = six ibe [H] = place ibe [HF] = companion Kpele nya [L] = he nya [H] = I nye [L] = he said nye [LF] = I said Chuana bua [FM] = to skin bua [HF] = to speak Ewe havi [LR] = a young pig havi [H] = friend Duala ya [L] = to come ya [MF] = to give birth koka [HF] = to dry koka [L] = to grow Yaunde neng [L] = to take neng [MF] = to rain be [MF] = they be [L] = to make Examples of Grammatical Tones Efik eto [H] = tree etinge eto [LRF] = to of tree The genitive has a different tone from that of the nominative.
His Cameroonian translations of Bunyan may have aimed for a similar outcome in which his Duala Baptist converts could read the text as a story about themselves and their struggles.
Unlike Carl Bender, who became fluent in Duala, the Gebauers never made the effort to learn a Cameroonian language other than the lingua franca, Pidgin English.
This antelope or buffolo mask of 1908 is from Duala, Cameroon.
River basin (tributary) group end of road I Sanaga (Noun) Shu-pamen Yes II Sanaga (Mbam) Shu-pamen No III Wouri/Sanaga Tunen Yes IV Nyong Beti-fang Yes V Nyong/Lokoundje Kwasio No VI Ntem Beti-fang Yes VII Ntem Beti-fang No VIII Congo (Dja) Kawzime No IX Congo (Dja) Mpo Yes X Calabar/Niger (Cross) Esirnbi Yes XI Niger Limbum Yes XII Calabar (Cross) Kenyang No XIII Ndian Oroko No XIV Wouri (Dibamba) Bassa No XV Sanaga Duala Yes XVI Congo (Dja) Beti-fang Yes XVII Sanaga Gbete Yes Table 2.
There were some suspected [rebel] sleeper cells in the area of Duala and police made several arrests, the people concerned are in custody," Goodridge said adding, "Monrovia is now calm.
For a less than ideal view of family there's the Duala saying: "The spear of kinship soon pierces the eye.
The resort report finds Kevin Duala in Tenerife, with up to the minute information on Playa de las Americas.
The regular slot is hosted by the lovely Sonia Saul, along with Kevin Duala and Colin Murnane.
She fled to the city of Duala, before escaping to Britain two years ago and asking for asylum.
in Tuki (Biloa 1995) and Duala (Epee 1976), both Bantu, but also in Cushitic (cf.