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a highway divided down the middle by a barrier that separates traffic going in different directions

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I would far rather they would go for short stretches of dual-carriageway and then eventually link them all up.
20am on November 26, as Malecek was driving along the A5 near Monks Kirby, he failed to notice road signs where it split into a dual-carriageway.
3- Additional works for construction of overpass bridges in Salalah - Muscat road with A'Ribat road and A'Ribat dual-carriageway till A'Dahareez roundabout in Salalah city in the Governorate of Dhofar at RO 1,938,031.
I realised as soon as I got onto the dual-carriageway but could not get off, so drove carefully to the end of the road," she told magistrates in Prestatyn.
Incident Support Officer, Martin Eaton, said: "The accident happened on a sweeping bend at the start of the dual-carriageway.
It's the dual-carriageway that's being upgraded to become an extension of the M6, the first stretch of which opened in 1958 as Britain's sole motorway.
By 2014, every city and town will be linked by dual-carriageway.
Muscat, Oct 24 (ONA) The Tender Board today floated Ibri - Yanqul dual-carriageway project 32 km (second stage).
Work is also under way at Bidbid-Sur dual-carriageway (first stage), second part (78 km) and Jibreen Ibri dual-carriageway (second stage), second part (47 km), as well as Ibri A"Dreez-Maskan dual-carriageway (34 km).
Additional works for Umm Al Ghawarif dual-carriageway project in Salalah city (RO1,323,564).
A DRIVER who was clocked at 96mph along the A55 dual-carriageway claimed he thought the speed limit was 90mph.
03) asking for speed cameras on the dual-carriageway near Lazenby, can I say, speaking as someone who uses this dual-carriageway twice a day at peak times, that putting in speed cameras would not solve the problem.
The National Assembly Environment Minister has given the goahead to the controversial building of a 23-mile dual-carriageway across Pembrokeshire costing at least pounds 70m.
A MAJOR dual-carriageway was closed for five hours during the rush hour yesterday after a 30-ton, frozen-food truck skidded on ice.
Muscat, June 30 (ONA) The Ministry of Transport and Communications today announced that it floated a tender for specialized companies to provide the consultancy services for the design and supervision for Al Buraimi - Mahdha dual-carriageway in the Governorate of Al Buraimi.