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United States civil rights leader and political activist who campaigned for equality for Black Americans (1868-1963)

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Fragrance Du Bois has created its own 'fragrance games', to help in the process of distinguishing different scents and learning about their complementary nature, and they were particularly effective when educating participants on the differences between the 100% pure, natural organic Oud oil that Fragrance Du Bois uses in in all its creations, and the synthetic substance that many other perfume houses use.
A founder of America's oldest and largest civil rights organisation, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Du Bois found refuge in Ghana in 1961 after being hounded out of America by the US government because he demanded not just civil rights for African-Americans but freedom for Africa and an end to capitalism, which Du Bois said was the cause of racism and all human misery.
It illustrates the term 'liquid gold' and is part of the range of products that Du Bois brings to the Gulf from sustainable and organically sourced agarwood and Oud.
Du Bois Institute and the academic field of African and African American studies.
In the Shadow of Du Bois focuses on the early work of Du Bois, probing the black sociologist's intellectual debt to German social and political thought--a debt accrued during his doctoral training at Berlin University in the early 1890s.
While Shirley Graham Du Bois, who joined her son in Cairo in 1967, had made plain the statement that "Egypt is Africa" in response to Israeli military aggression in the Sinai, David Du Bois's novel poses this same formulation as deeply problematic for African American exiles.
Du Bois Religious"; part 2, "The Importance of Souls" (a reference to the title of his important book, The Souls of Black Folk [1903], and the meaning of "souls" as a religious and spiritual term in Du Bois's capacious vocabulary); part 3, "Rhetorics of Religion and Redeeming Lynch Victims"; part 4, "Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism" (which is principally a reflection on what Du Bois knew of these religions and how they figured in some of his writings).
For Du Bois, the landed gentry of the South were those who inherited the appreciation of truth, beauty, and the good; who could understand the moral hypocrisy arising from segregation and political disenfranchisement; and who could understand the merit of educating African Americans through schools and--quite importantly--through higher education.
This led to the cultures of segregation and lynching that Du Bois critiqued in the late 19th and early 20th century.
Adam Richard du Bois, of Gas House Lane, Alcester, suffered fatal injuries when the blue Citroen Xsara he was travelling in careered off the A46, near to the Billersely Crossroads, between Stratford and the Stag pub, Bishopton, on Friday January 4 at about 5am.
Clos du Bois is a recognized leader in developing, implementing and promoting sustainable agriculture and environmentally responsible business practices, in the following 6 key areas; Recycling Programs, Energy Efficiency, Responsible Water Consumption, Integrated Pest Management, Restoration of Riparian Habitat, and Wetland Restoration.
Peru might attract buyers--and even encourage additional foreign investment--given the country's strong economic indicators, according to Instituto Peruano de Economia (IPE) General Manager Fritz Du Bois.
C'est aussi la mise au point de nouvelles utilisations pour nos produits du bois.
Du Bois, the preeminent African-American intellectual of the first half of the twentieth century, as a prism through which to view the global impact on African-American attitudes toward Jews during the period marked by the rise of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.
Mike Du Bois and Mark Febrache trapped pervert Paul Cunningham after they traced pornographic images to his computer.