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a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds

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UTStarcom is a leader in the IP DSLAM market because our platform is designed to offer service providers a wider variety of high-value IP services and applications that can reduce churn and increase revenue per user.
Gartner Group estimates that 20 million lines of DSLAM will be added worldwide in 2003.
The V-16 IP DSLAM features native packet architecture for simple, cost-effective provisioning and easy migration to next generation Ethernet-over-copper services and new broadband wireless LAN applications.
Asia Pacific has been the most exciting and dynamic region in terms of DSLAM revenue market share, leading with 45%.
Service providers face two very tough issues with regards to delivering DSL that remote DSLAMs overcome," said Kathie Hackler, vice president and chief analyst for the Telecom Group at Gartner Dataquest.
Zhone's Raptor 50 and 100 Compact DSLAM products extend the requisite remote DSLAM capabilities, such as line-power and flexible uplink options, as well as integrated IP and VLAN support, but they do not fit neatly within non-Zhone solutions.
Currently, one out of every six dollars is being spent on IP-DSLAMs, and by 2006, roughly one-third of all DSLAM ports will be on IP-DSLAMs.
We are seeing phenomenal growth in IP DSLAMs and broadband loop carriers, both of which will serve as the primary platforms for the delivery of triple-play services in the years to come.
Beyond DSLAMs, the versatile Diplomat-IP is also suitable for next-generation digital loop carriers (NG-DLC), broadband access gateways, EPON or GPON OLTs, and other applications.
Orckit continues to be a leader in IP DSLAM solutions having commercially deployed its IP DSLAM since 1997.
PARIS -- Ekinops, a leading provider of DWDM, optical transport and aggregation solutions, today announced a new backhauling solution targeting DSLAM networks.
A combination of dial-up users moving to broadband and broadband users moving to higher-speed lines continues to create growth in the DSLAM market, the high-tech market research firm says.
The IES-1248 is a very compact, temperature hardened ADSL 2+ IP DSLAM offering a built-in POTS splitter and is designed for a small central office or for a remote curbside application.
ARROW M8xFE Provides Key Packet Processing Capabilities for Last Mile Ethernet Access, IP DSLAM and 3G Wireless Backhaul Solutions