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Citartan et al reported that the yield of ssDNA generation from pure dsDNA was about 40% more than unpurified PCR products (32).
Analyses of total dsDNA stock and dsDNA:TOC ratio showed that there was no difference (P=0.
In order to confirm ANA negative patients as SLE patients, dsDNA was performed by ELISA as a preferable screening marker.
The relative amount of dsDNA after cDNA synthesis was inversely related to the difference in probe variance between samples (Fig.
Correlation between different parameters used in the diagnosis of SLE Anti- Anti- Anti- Anti- Anti- dsDNA Histone SSA SSB Sm Anti-Histone -0.
The circular molecule dsDNA used in our model opens a new possibility to insert and apply our automaton to the bacteria cell.
In our study, the efects of ozone does and RH on four selected bacteriophages (ssDNA [[phi]X174], ssRNA, [MS2], dsDNA [T7], and dsRNA [[phi]6] were evaluated.
Recovery of ranavirus dsDNA from formalin-fixed archival material.
8) All patients in this study had a negative dsDNA.
Induction, using dsDNA, of the kinase activity in the oocyte extracts distinguishes in Xenopus an enzyme (DNA-PK) that is functionally similar to the one reported in human cell lines (Carter et al.
Interestingly, all the patients with Class III and IV lupus nephritis had positive levels of anti- dsDNA titers with majority of these patients (29 out of 48) having anti-dsDNA titers > 50 IU/ml.
We calculated anti C1q antibody positivity in lupus patients with and without positive anti dsDNA antibodies.
The ESR was mildly elevated at 46 mm/hr, but dsDNA was not, ruling out a lupus flare.
These annual blooms are frequently terminated by a specific large dsDNA E.