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a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions

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Before the strike began in June 1992, the drywallers had amassed a $400,000 war chest.
The drywallers striking in Southern California in a bid to form a union are part of the larger labor movement.
Their hard work, pride and dedication are illustrated in the work they produce, and this fun and challenging competition was designed to reward Hispanic drywallers in their quest to exhibit the highest standards in their industry as `the best of the best' in drywalling.
The inaugural USG's EL MERO MERO DRYWALERO(TM) competition searches for The Best of the Best Drywaller in Southern California by hosting nine competition events in the Los Angeles area.
There is no household 'loss' for the drywaller, who probably won't be moving back home with his family.
Ask for used ones at bakery shops or grocery store bakery departments, or check with a drywaller.
The drywaller wanted $9,000, the furnace guy wanted $5,000--we opted for neither.
There's also the drywaller from Colorado who looked horrified when I mentioned that my newest bow had Split Limbs.
But if the carpenter or drywaller is booked for a few days, this one change may delay the project for a week or more until work can be assigned.
The kind of single women who buy hardcover advice books probably aren't that interested in a Mixtec-speaking drywaller, but Dr.
Silva of Leominster volunteered his skills as a drywaller.
If you are a small drywaller, and they are going to have to pay $20,000.
Leonard Desroches is a drywaller by trade and a founder of Catholic New Times, a national Canadian newspaper.
EVANS: What we are definitely seeing is your drywaller, for example, who has been doing homes in Midway or Park City, who is definitely now trying to compete on commercial work.
When he's not working as a drywaller, he keeps himself busy refurbishing his tidy, single-family house on Congress Avenue in Oakland, California.