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a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions

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In addition to contributing to a cleaner construction site than standard drywall construction for instance, modular walls are both reusable and highly recyclable.
AXIA Incorporated, operating through its Ames, Nestaway and Fischbein units, manufactures and distributes automatic taping and finishing tools used to finish drywall construction, manufactures dishwasher racks and other formed wire products, and manufactures and markets bag closing and material handling equipment.
Contract notice: Drywall construction in the course of the renovation and modernization of a listed 12-storey high-rise building for student housing.
AXIA also manufactures and distributes automatic taping and finishing tools used to finish drywall construction and manufactures formed wire products through its Ames and Nestaway Divisions.
Sectional doors, exterior doors aluminum, interior doors aluminum frame and steel sheet, mullion and transom facades, glass facades inside, Rauf gate and blackouts, fire curtains, movable wall systems for the construction of an administrative building, built outside in perforated facade made of reinforced concrete and masonry, interior predominantly in drywall construction, masonry and reinforced concrete.
The SIRIUS Echo Signal Repeater System is designed to work up to a distance of 75 feet between the Echo Transmitter and each Echo Antenna, passing the signal through the walls and floors of typical wood frame and drywall construction homes which are common throughout North America.
drywall construction, painting, flooring, base, suspended ceilings, curtain wall, glazing, doors, frames, hardware,
What was once considered wasted space can become an additional living area - a media room, office, play room, home gym - with minimal disruption and virtually none of the dust and noise associated with traditional drywall construction.