Drynaria rigidula

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giant epiphytic or lithophytic fern

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Pteridophytes such as Ophioderma pendula, Schizaea digitata, Ctenitopsis sagenioides, Schelloiepis persicifolia, Drynaria rigidula have Hainan as their most northern boundary.
Altitude: 600 m Drynaria rigidula Bawangling, Hilly forest or EN (Sw.
Young nectary-bearing leaves of each of three species (Drynaria quercifolia, Drynaria rigidula, Aglaomorpha acuminata) were collected from the Duke University greenhouse.
Species Anatomy Vascular tissue Drynaria Patch of densely Abutting the nectary quercifolia staining cells Aglaomorpha Patch of cells Abutting the nectary coronans Drynaria rigidula Small concavity of Forming the rim of densely staining cells the nectary Aglaomorpho Large spoon-like Branching within ocuminato appendage of densely the nectary staining cells Species Distribution Drynaria Inconsistent.