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the outstanding poet and dramatist of the Restoration (1631-1700)


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In 1991, council officer Harry Collinson was killed by Dryden in front of press and television reporters as the local authority moved in to demolish a bungalow Dryden had built without consent.
But Dryden, a former steelworker, has now been freed from Haverigg Prison, Cumbria, and moved to a residential care home after having a stroke.
So did the NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and members of the Dryden family, in addition to relatives of the person about to replace Dryden on the signage.
The chapter on Robert Louis Stevenson feels a bit superfluous and digressive at times, something Dryden appears aware of when she writes that this chapter's focus on Stevenson, Conrad, and Ford "takes the discussion away from Wells for a time" (58).
Dryden offers ample opportunities and incentives to launch a new business or to relocate an existing one.
Dryden, from Ingleton, Yorkshire, then stabbed her twice in the chest with "considerable force" in broad daylight on a suburban street in Halton, Lancaster, in March.
Dryden also paid a critical price for his poem--both during his lifetime and after.
The gambit is that, for many, the question of Dryden and his 'placing' in literary history is well settled; and, given this, it is all the more important that we unsettle it.
The proposed budget includes approximately $218 million for Dryden, up 10 percent from the 2007 request.
This is not surprising in some ways because compared to other parts of the collection, such as the extensive altered passages in "Palamon and Arcite" or the greatly enlarged "The Character of a Good Parson," Dryden made seemingly few substantive changes to Ovid's original story.
Although Dryden had spoken of Milton with forthright reverence--"This man cuts us all out and the ancients too'--he had a more specific errand than the mere desire to sit at his senior's feet.
Spencer Dryden, the drummer for rock band the Jefferson Airplane, died of cancer Jan.
is rolling out the relaunch of its foreign financial-management business under the new name Dryden Wealth Management Ltd.
After the introduction, which asks if Dryden may be considered 'a classic', there are essays on the poems, Mac Flecknoe and Alexander's Feast.