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the outstanding poet and dramatist of the Restoration (1631-1700)


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For three to four years, Dryden will be expanding the aircraft's flight envelope and conducting some initial science experiments.
Dryden city council is taking a multitude of steps to soften the blow of the layoffs.
Slick and Dryden quickly developed an interest in each other beyond their music and they often sided with each other in group discussions, as a kind of psychedelic answer to Burton and Taylor.
And after serving just 12 years of his life sentence Dryden is making a second bid for parole.
Part 3 sustains an interesting parallel between Milton and Dryden, comparing Milton's disillusionment with Cromwell in the 1650s to Dryden's disillusionment in 1688, and finding a critique of Cromwell in Milton's Satan.
Dryden has served in the financial services consulting and legal capacity for the last 35 years.
Dryden speaks of life in the country's toughest lock-ups in a series of pen-pal letters.
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center is looking at the possibility of using AIM-54 Phoenix missiles to conduct the agency's legacy of high-speed research.
Construction upgrades are continuing on the Dryden Regional Airport as Miller Northwest Ltd.
For Dryden, sexual energy is figured as virility, that which gives the country its vigor; for Marvell, that "virility" is erotic license which saps Britain's strength in an orgy of dissipation.
Dryden made the comments in an address to the World Affairs Council of Seattle today.
World-renowned author, journalist and researcher Gordon Dryden will give a special presentation on "Awakening Your Creativity" at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) on Monday, Nov.
JAILED killer Albert Dryden has renewed his pledge to fight for his release.
Sokolik, a member of Dryden Flight Research Center's high-altitude life support team, maintains and prepares the full-pressure suits pilots wear on high-altitude flights.
After a 28-year career in real estate in Dryden, which involved owning her firm Austin & Austin Realty, she entered municipal politics as a city councillor for one term before running and succeeding the retiring Sid Wintle as mayor of Dryden.