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the act of cleaning (fabrics) with a solvent other than water

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as well as the 1-800-DryClean, bizziebox, Pressed4Time, Martinizing, Dry Cleaning Station and Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network franchises.
2m of reorganisation costs for the drycleaning division.
Product Sub-Category: Annual Contract For Drycleaning Of Carpets Chairs
5m restructuring within the Prescot-based drycleaning division, pre-tax profits fell from pounds 20.
DEP implements three regulatory programs relating to the cleanup of contaminated sites: the Petroleum Cleanup Participation Program, the Drycleaning Facility Restoration Program, and the Brownfield Program.
Mr Hughes added: 'Drive-in drycleaning has been a huge influence on our industry, but online drycleaning is now the ultimate in timesaving.
industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing commercial and industrial laundry and drycleaning equipment and pressing machines.
Ann Chaffee and her father Joseph Maurer have both been President of the Michigan drycleaning association called the Michigan Institute of Laundering & Drycleaning (MILD).
The firm said: "It is very unusual to have suffered such extreme weather conditions at both the start and end of the year, which will reduce the profitability of the drycleaning division for the year as a whole to below the board's expectations.
Franchise Company to open drycleaning franchises in Argentina.
Chlorine is widely used for producing substances such as laundry bleaches, drycleaning fluids and industrial solvents.
com/research/a14041/commercial_laundry) has announced the addition of Supplier Relations US, LLC's new report "Commercial Laundry, Drycleaning, and Pressing Machine Manufacturing Industry in the U.
The specific market segments analyzed are Washers, Commercial Dryers, Presses, and Drycleaning Equipment.
based franchise drycleaning brand with 422 locations in eight countries including Canada, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and Peru, along with Dry Cleaning Station, a full service dry cleaner with 12 locations in the U.