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the act of cleaning (fabrics) with a solvent other than water

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09 January 2017 - UK-based workwear, textile rental and drycleaning company Johnson Service Group plc (AIM: JSG) has sold its retail Drycleaning business to Timpson Group plc for a consideration of GBP 8.
1 Owing to these reasons, some government bodies are starting to phase out the use of perc in the drycleaning process.
2m of reorganisation costs for the drycleaning division.
Keywords: drycleaning, wool/acrylic, smoothness and crease recovery.
5m restructuring within the Prescot-based drycleaning division, pre-tax profits fell from pounds 20.
DEP implements three regulatory programs relating to the cleanup of contaminated sites: the Petroleum Cleanup Participation Program, the Drycleaning Facility Restoration Program, and the Brownfield Program.
As a follow-up to our initial CE course, "The Benefits & Economics of Restoration Drycleaning," we introduced "Mold & Textiles: A Restoration Drycleaning Perspective.
Mr Hughes added: 'Drive-in drycleaning has been a huge influence on our industry, but online drycleaning is now the ultimate in timesaving.
industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing commercial and industrial laundry and drycleaning equipment and pressing machines.
Tenders are invited for Washing and drycleaning of bed-shit, curtains, etc under the different units of estate department and washing and drycleaning of seat-covers, curtains of staff cars of estate department
DISRUPTION caused by severe weather conditions will hit profits at the drycleaning operation of Runcorn-based Johnson Service Group.
Franchise Company to open drycleaning franchises in Argentina.
com/research/a14041/commercial_laundry) has announced the addition of Supplier Relations US, LLC's new report "Commercial Laundry, Drycleaning, and Pressing Machine Manufacturing Industry in the U.
Limited Tenders are invited for Annual Contract For Drycleaning Of Carpets Chairs And Sofa Sets Etc
The specific market segments analyzed are Washers, Commercial Dryers, Presses, and Drycleaning Equipment.