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They compared them to similar scoria droplets previously suggested to be the result of a cosmic impact at the onset of the Younger Dryas.
The remaining 26 sites have radiometric or other potential numeric ages, but only three date to the Younger Dryas boundary layer.
In 1989, Wallace Broecker of Columbia University suggested the Younger Dryas resulted from an abrupt overflow of Lake Agassiz, a colossal pool of meltwater along the southern edge of Canada's ice sheet.
Topics range from climate, technology, and society during the Terminal Pleistocene to evaluating the effects of the Younger Dryas human population histories in the southeastern United States.
It is called "Younger Dryas," and it has fascinated climate scientists for decades.
THE YOUNGER DRYAS COLD REVERSAL: TRANSIENT ADJUSTMENT OF THC STRENGTH The Younger Dryas cold reversal that began at approximately 12.
Younger Dryas Event 12 PALEOCEANOGRAPHY 321 (1997) (evaluating the
It begins with Acid Rain and Acid Deposition and ends with Younger Dryas in North America.
The nanodiamonds that we found at all six locations exist only in sediments associated with the Younger Dryas Boundary layers, not above it or below it," Kennett, an archaeologist, said.
The planet was just coming out of the latest in a long series of ice ages, but the impact reversed the thaw and sent the Earth into another ice phase known as the Younger Dryas Event.
Known as the Younger Dryas, it was so quick that scientists had thought it was caused by a meteor strike or a sudden release of cold water into the Atlantic from the polar regions.
Alpine Dry alpine tundra habitat [greater than or equal to] 1600 m characterized by Dryas spp.
22-23), when petitioning Dryas for marriage to his daughter (3.
Just 10,000 years ago, during a climatic cold snap known as the Younger Dryas, the current was severely weakened, causing northern European temperatures to fall by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit," he says.