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a deity or nymph of the woods


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Esprit de Dryades identified three classes of tannin potential (TP) corresponding to distinct ellagitannin content in untoasted wood: low TP (LTP) containing less than 4,000 ellagic acid equivalent (jug ellagitannin per gram of dry wood), medium TP (MTP) containing 4,000 to 6,000 and high TP (HTP) containing more than 6,000.
With the NIRS classification and automated toasting systems in place, Esprit de Dryades launched the new Vicard Generation 7 cooperage in 2011 to offer clients increased precision.
Esprit de Dryades is continuing research to learn the potential impact of tannin on wine style.
The Hibernia CDC and Dryades are providing first mortgages and will develop any new homes with the NOJHF.
Buyers at or below 80% of the parish's median-income level may receive the city's soft-second mortgages through Hibernia CDC or Dryades.
It's also where you'll find Lundy Enterprises LLC and Dryades Savings Bank (No.
Rumors are aloft about a commercial bank acquiring Dryades Savings Bank a New Orleans thrift institution.
president and chief executive officer of Dryades Savings Bank, decided to take a chance on Bourgeois by providing the funds necessary to help him increase his business.
Virginia 19 19 FOUNDERS NATIONAL Los Angeles, BANK OF LOS ANGELES California 20 21 DRYADES SAVINGS BANK New Orleans, F.
I really don't know where growth, like we've seen in the last few years, is going to come from," says Virgil Robinson, president and CEO of Dryades Savings Bank, the newest African-American-owned thrift in the country currently ranked No.
The RTC seized Dryades in 1991 and auctioned its assets and deposits last year.
The bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dryades Bancorp Inc.
With an initial bid of only $10,000 in 1992, the investors won the right to put together a plan to reopen the former Dryades Savings and Loan.