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gully or streambed in northern Africa and the Middle East that remains dry except during rainy season

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C[pounds sterling]I think itCOs gross hypocrisy on the part of Peyia, who have been filling dry riverbeds and gorges for years.
A wide, dry riverbed is such a path, littered today with bent-over small salt cedars with their wigs of branches pulled in the direction of a recent flood that came through the Bisti, all the water running quickly off.
The scheme is simple - a solar-powered pump has been buried in a dry riverbed and pumps water from deep underground to a large storage tank.
However, as water levels drop, a beautiful carved stone feature symbolising the fragility of river ecosystems is revealed and eventually fades to a dry riverbed.
The Zayandeh River has been nothing but a dry riverbed several months each year in recent years.
The car was sprayed black for the movie and the chase sequence filmed on a dry riverbed in Spain.
When the first test flows were released down the dry riverbed a few years ago, water seeped beneath adjacent fields and damaged crops.
The acrid dust from the dry riverbed is also dulling the domes of the Taj and the government must build a barrage across Yamuna to keep its water levels high.
The daily claimed that a group of about 15 settlers went down into the dry riverbed near Qusra to pray, despite the fact that the area had identified the location as a potential flash point in advance and troops were moved to the area.
A precision air strike killed Taliban leader Qari Tahir after the security force located Tahir and an associate in a dry riverbed in Sayd Abad district," the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force said in a statement.
Enterprise's Rainey said the leak may have sprung in an area that usually is on a dry riverbed but was underwater following severe flooding along the Missouri River this spring and summer.
In Santa Fe, New Mexico, more than 1,000 Girl Scouts and other residents holding blue posters crammed into a dry riverbed to form a human "flash flood" depicting where the Santa Fe River should be flowing.
It consisted of a wide, thickly brushed dry riverbed sprinkled with a few very old cottonwoods.
One local resident said the dry riverbed, which leads into the ravine at the Sea Caves near his home was spilling over with rubbish "onto the road"
Summary: Squeezed between a rubbish dump and a dry riverbed, al-Zuhoor has no clean water or electricity and the gypsies who live here are at the margins of the new, ultra-conservative Iraq.