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gully or streambed in northern Africa and the Middle East that remains dry except during rainy season

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Antonovich's district covers the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys, which have numerous bridges spanning dry river beds.
Walking through dry river beds is like walking through treacle and the sun beats down on your head like a hammer.
Ironically, the inundation was most destructive in formerly drought-stricken areas where farmers had become accustomed to tilling dry river beds and were unaware of the risks of flooding, the report quoted experts as saying.
Techniques to survive dry periods included extracting water from baobab trees and wild melons, or siphoning water with elephant grass stems from beneath seemingly dry river beds.
I don't hate cats,'' said Teresa Savaikie, a Santa Clarita mother of three and a voice for the endangered critters that populate the region's dry river beds.
The streets of Los Angeles are safe again, along with its abandoned pools, dry river beds and anything else bolted into the concrete that could have been used for ``throwin' down and lookin' sick,'' according to some of the slanguage heard during commentary of the just-completed X Games IX.
Sedimentation has resulted in dry river beds in the summer, followed by floods in the rainy season.
Photos of he planet show what appear to be dry river beds, stream channels and floodplains, which most researchers argue could not have formed in the thin atmosphere of the present.
Eventually the Placerita Canyon Trail will link to the South Fork Trail, a key leg of the citywide trail network, most of which follows the city's dry river beds.
It is quite a common sight in Cyprus to see dry river beds with hills of debris or even streams levelled to make way for the construction of houses.