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Synonyms for drydock

a large dock from which water can be pumped out

maneuver (a ship) into a drydock


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Earlier, we used to send our vessels to Dubai for dry docking," said Al Qubaisi.
Tenders are invited for Biennial Rate Contract For Dry Dock Cleaning And Material Handling In Dry Dock At Grse Rbd During Launching And Dry Docking Of Wjfac Yards 2109 To 2112
During a typical 5-year maintenance cycle, which includes a dry docking period, these ships undergo MTAs every 15 months.
Three Months Ended March 31, 2006 2005 Operating income, expense-as-incurred method, as reported $ 490,838 $ 3,529,791 add back: dry docking - expense-as-incurred method 3,121,962 257,520 subtract: dry docking - defer and amortize method (75,588) (105,013) Operating income, defer and amortize method, as adjusted $ 3,537,212 $ 3,682,298 Operating ratio, expense-as-incurred method 98.
Tender Process for the Dry Docking and Repair of Trinity House Ligtvessel No 17 to take place between 18th April and 30.
This modification represents the exercise of an option for the dry docking ship repair availability of the USS Ford (FFG-54) ("Ford").
Coast Guard (USCG) contract for Mare Island Dry Docks, LLC, which is for the dry docking and ship repairs of the icebreaker Polar Star.
The major work package items on the USS BATAAN include dry docking, underwater hull blast and coating, main propulsion shafting, well deck modifications, machinery work and A/C plant refrigeration conversion.
Boskalis subsidiary Dockwise was contracted to provide an innovative form of dry docking as part of the repair project.
Furthermore, the use of the Dockwise Vanguard for dry docking purposes shows the versatility of the vessel.
The addition of "Old Dominion" to NORSHIPCO's existing dry docking capabilities, including the 950-ft.
The project will also have facilities for dry docking ocean vessels.
for the fixed-price Dry Docking Selected Restricted Availability (DSRA) on USS McCLUSKY (FFG-41).
Pre the 1980's ship's bottom antifouling compositions were basically all about loading as much toxin ( in the form of insoluble pigments ) into a coatings resin structure as physically possible and getting it to "leach" out at a rate determined as viable in relation to expected service intervals between dry dockings.