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Synonyms for tetrachloroethylene

anthelmintic agent used against hookworm and other nematodes

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TACOM recommends you clean your weapon twice with dry cleaning fluid to get it completely clean.
Dab the stain with oil solvent dry cleaning fluid then rub in a little detergent, and wash as usual.
It has more than a passing similarity to dry cleaning fluid, which lingers on the skin after application.
CitruSolution clean carpets using a dry cleaning fluid process with a twist of lemon, orange, and grapefruit.
The 11 most common were disinfectant, bleach, carpet cleaner, window cleaner, dry cleaning fluid, aerosols, turpentine or white spirit, air fresheners, paint stripper, paint or varnish and pesticides or insecticides.
Acetone nail varnish remover Acetic acid vinegar Ammonia cleaning agent Arsenic ant poison Benzene petrol fumes Carbon monoxide exhaust fumes Carbon tetrachloride dry cleaning fluid DDT insecticide Formaldehyde embalming fluid Hydrogen cyanide industrial pollutant Hydrogen sulphide stink bombs Lead batteries, petrol fumes Methanol rocket fuel Nicotine insecticide Polonium-210 radioactive fallout Radon radioactive gas Sulphuric acid power station emissions Tars road surface tar Caesium heavy metal Ethanol anti-freeze