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a small Leclanche cell containing no free liquid

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1954 Introduced "National Hyper," the first metal-jacket dry cell battery in Japan
s Think Green From Home Dry Cell Battery Recycling Kit provides a simple, convenient solution for household recycling.
A dry cell battery contains a rod surrounded by chemicals and water.
Ultimately, we aim to replace every dry cell battery with a SANYO 'eneloop' rechargeable battery.
Tenders are invited for Dry Cell Battery Leak Proof 9 Volt Make Power Cell, Eveready,Nippo Or Similar
Energizer is known for many innovative "firsts" in battery technology, including the world's first dry cell battery, the world's first watch battery, the first commercially-available zero-mercury AA and AAA alkaline battery and the world's first AA and AAA lithium batteries (1.
To promote this kind of new battery lifestyle, SANYO developed a world first*1 rechargeable battery that can be used like a dry cell battery -'immediately after purchase'.
Battery Products is one of the world's largest manufacturers of dry cell battery and lighting products, including Energizer(R) and Eveready(R) brand products.
Tenders are invited for Dry Cell Battery Operated Led Based White 2 Led Red And 2 Led Green Tri Colour Hand Signal Lamp With 4 Nos Of Lr-20 Alkaline Cells Make-Malike Or Similar
In the 1890's, the first dry cell battery was introduced for consumer use.
a subsidiary of Ralston Purina (NYSE:RAL), is the world's largest manufacturer of dry cell battery products and the largest manufacturer of alkaline batteryies in North America, under the Energizer(R) brand name.