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Synonyms for shaving

Synonyms for shaving

the act of removing hair with a razor


a thin fragment or slice (especially of wood) that has been shaved from something

the act of brushing against while passing

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The advantage with Advantage is its built-in lotion dispenser, which Westerhof said provides a "very fresh feeling," rarely associated with dry shaving.
I'm not sure exactly when my feelings towards you changed but I think it was around about the time I saw you dry shaving your chest hair and when I realised that our breasts had more in common than we had.
Braun celebrates 50 years of passion for design and technological innovation in dry shaving
The Fusion ProGlide Styler is a combined wet and dry shaving system that features:
Plus the new LT-series shavers are fully immersible in water, allowing for wet or dry shaving, in the shower, over the sink or even on-the-go.