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the act of cleaning (fabrics) with a solvent other than water

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Further input was solicited from stakeholders in the dry cleaning industry, including the presidents of the Northwest Dry Cleaners Association and the Washington State Korean Dry Cleaners Association.
A useful and versatile means to satiate the ever growing needs of the dry cleaning industry, Quick Dry Cleaning Software has been crafted not only to make the lives of dry cleaners simpler, but also to provide an excellent experience to the customers.
For years, "environmentally friendly" was a phrase unlikely to be connected with the dry cleaning industry.
Procter & Gamble's Dryel came on the scene late last summer, but workers in the dry cleaning industry had heard about it as early as 1997.
In addition, some strains produce enzymes capable of degrading nonnutritive substrates, such as trichloroethylene (TCE), a major ground water contaminant used in the dry cleaning industry and in degreasing solvents.
Half a century ago, the London if dry cleaning industry ganged up on a German immigrant operating a small cleaning service, threatening to sue him for his seemingly outrageous claim that dry cleaning with chemical solvents damaged clothing by removing its natural oils.
But the total-decaffeination market was so small that it contributed an infinitesimal fraction of the quantity of solvent released to the atmosphere by major polluters, like the dry cleaning industry, industrial metal cleaning, painting and even the automobile.
GreenEarth Cleaning introduced its environmentally friendly patented process to the dry cleaning industry in 1999.
26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Chicago- based CD One Price Cleaners, an industry leader and franchisor in the $9 billion dry cleaning industry, is bringing its successful value-driven, one price concept to the Minneapolis/St.
com)-- In the quest to be the leader in the software solutions space for Dry Cleaning Industry, the belligerent marketing team of Quick Dry Cleaning Software has launched the Demonstration video of their software.
At that time Tony's aim was to emigrate to America, but unfortunately his plans were thwarted by the recession and he got a job as a sales representative in the dry cleaning industry, travelling throughout Europe and the UK.
of Environmental Protection (DEP), said "The dry cleaning industry is working with us to try to resolve the issues.
ZIPS is rapidly becoming the leader in the dry cleaning industry with its "In by 9, out by 5" same day promise, ensuring happy customers and a high number of garments being dry cleaned on a daily basis.
We are focused on changing the dry cleaning industry for good through our many unique offerings such as 24-hour conveniences, Tide and GreenEarth Cleaning process and best-in-class customer service," said Andrew Gibson, Tide Dry Cleaners Brand Manager.
DC WEB SERVICES Pvt Ltd” (Deecoup) was awarded for Quick Dry Cleaning Software as the Best Product for Dry Cleaning Industry for the year 2011.