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an adherent of an esoteric monotheistic religious sect living in the relative security of the mountains of Syria and Lebanon who believes that Al-hakim was an incarnation of God


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Beirut: In June 2015, the Lebanese Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Junblatt, the scion of a leading Druze family, declared that Syria's embattled president, Bashar Al Assad, should be exiled to Siberia or an isolated desert to try to save the country.
Adra had a population of about 100,000 including Alawites, Druzes, Christians and Sunni Muslims before the conflict erupted.
The source said Jumblatt's message, which Druze former Minister Talal Arslan conveyed to Assad, was twofold.
Maronite, Orthodox, Sunni, Shiite, and Druze candidates --to make deals, and develop an appeal, both inside and outside their own religious group.
Originally published under the title Historical dictionary of the Druzes.
Another is a three-story banner that reads, "For Druzes, Building for Sale.
Nathan Weinstock, Zionism: False Messiah (1979): 239; Sabri Jiryis, The Arabs in Israel (1976): 199; Gabriel Ben-Dor, The Druzes in Israel: A Political Study (1979): 129-130.
Druzes are registered as "Muslims" and, as they have their owe court in Al Azraq, can administer their own personal status matters.
The Lebanese - Christians, Shi'ites, Sunnis, Druzes, the Communists, even the Ba'thist regime of Syria and Palestinians - had been killing one another since 1975.
From them split the Druzes of Syria, Lebanon and Israel.
V726A + E148Q in Druzes (8) and F479L + E167D in Greeks (9) and Armenians (10).
Like the Druzes, like the moon, like death, like next week, the distant past is one of those things that can enrich ignorance.
It is not impossible to love, to love all those with whom we live, all our brothers and sisters, Muslims, Jews, Druzes and Christians, and even the Israeli soldiers who impose upon us siege, curfew and humiliations," Patriarch Michel Sabbah told the congregation.
In future studies, we intend to explore the differences between three ethnic groups in Israel: Bedouins, Druzes, and Arabs.
ABSTRACT: In Lebanon, it is easy to find children among the Druzes who speak about a previous life or are believed by their parents to do so.