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an adherent of an esoteric monotheistic religious sect living in the relative security of the mountains of Syria and Lebanon who believes that Al-hakim was an incarnation of God


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30) The $4 billion was allocated not only for reconstruction, but also for buying land north of the Litani river, mainly from Christians and Druz, even sometimes at ten times its original price in order to link the party's constituencies in the South and the Biqa'.
Pharmagenesis and PFM share a similar philosophy that traditional Chinese medicine applied to modern science can lead to new discoveries and treatments," said Nicholas Druz, chairman and CEO, Pharmagenesis.
It is true that Philip's subjects are less positively portrayed than the king himself: one of his knights, Sire Druz de Montbener, is 'un molt orgoilous Franceys' ('a very arrogant Frenchman') who insists on jousting with Fouke despite Philip's warnings, and is ignominiously defeated.
Flushing; Al Thaddeus Avestruz, Tamir Alexandrovich Druz, David Armin Mahl, Zoe Madeleine Marchal, Raoul Posmentier, Vladimir Teichberg and Simon Robert Zuckerbraun, Bronx H.
PG2 has proven effective in enhancing a patient's quality of life during the trauma of cancer therapy," Nicolas Druz, CEO, Pharmagenesis, said.
Present at the unveiling ceremony, where representatives of leading Druz figures, and poet Abdel Aziz Saud Bab Tin and dignitaries.
12 in Beirut, where the chief imams of the city's Sunni, Shiite and Druz communities went to the American embassy to express their grief and their rejection of violence.
Our partnership gives Pharmagenesis the support of one of China's strongest pharmaceutical companies to manufacture a drug that will greatly improve quality of life for those undergoing chemotherapy," Nicolas Druz, CEO, Pharmagenesis, said.
Hooper K, Petreas MX, Chuvakova T, Kazbekova G, Druz N, Seminova G, Sharmanov T, Hayward D, She J, Visits P, et al.
The upcoming IND of PG490-88 and PG2-2000 brings us a step closer to our business objectives," said Nicolas Druz, chief executive officer, Pharmagenesis.
4) abar-iz o to Zarduxst druz be dwared madag-kirb zarren-+pusen ku pestanban dared, ud hamhagih i az to +zayed ud dwared madag-kirb zarren-pusen hampursagih az to z.
We are encouraged by the wide acceptance of Feridex by oncology doctors in China," Nicolas Druz, CEO and chairman of the board, Pharmagenesis, said.