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an adherent of an esoteric monotheistic religious sect living in the relative security of the mountains of Syria and Lebanon who believes that Al-hakim was an incarnation of God


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The petrographic study reveals the presence of fibrous calcite cement, isopachous drusy calcite, equant calcite cement, isopachous blocky sparry calcite cement and small scale stylolites which indicate that the limestones of the Mural Foramtion were subjected to shallow burial diagenesis.
Clearly, the drusy and crystalline nuggets could not have travelled far unless they were encased in quartz during transport.
a pin with a past Antique gambling chip cut and embellished with pink tourmaline, cabochon and drusy crystals with pearls by Donna Chambers.
The upper margin of the granite consists of an almost continuous layer of fine-grained, pink, felsic rock varying from featureless felsite to microgranite with abundant granophyric intergrowth and drusy miarolitic cavities, to rhyolite porphyry that is commonly spherulitic.
Gold and silver mineralization in the claims area is characterized by massive white Drusy quartz with relict sulfide casts.
The mineralization was characterized by (i) pervasive drusy quartz fracture coatings and fillings with abundant fine veinlets of chalcedonic and crystalline quartz and (ii) anomalous values in Ag, As, Sb and Hg; all indicative of epithermal gold mineralization.
Epithermal textures including comb structures, drusy cavities, and crustiform textures are present.
Typically these small cavities are lined by drusy quartz with individual quartz crystals reaching 1 cm; otherwise, only small crystals of calcite and apophyllite occur uncommonly.
There was also malachite in dark green, ropy flows and hemispheres coating cabinet-size pieces of matrix; fine examples of the now familiar Ojuela wulfenite and aurichalcite-included calcite; Milpillas mine azurite; 10-cm subparallel crests of white barite crystals on drusy amethyst (the first good barite from the amethyst fields of Las Vigas, Veracruz); spectacular Navidad mine, Durango creedite and Cerro de Mercado, Durango fluorapatite specimens .
The main zone consists of with quartz breccia and silicification up to 30% to 40% quartz, and trace drusy amythyst.
From Talnakh: white pectolite "puff balls" on drusy crusts of colorless datolite; and crude, barrel-shaped black wurtzite crystals to several centimeters.
Aurelian has not done any previous work in this area except collect two grab samples, one of which was of a drusy epithermal quartz vein that assayed 0.