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an adherent of an esoteric monotheistic religious sect living in the relative security of the mountains of Syria and Lebanon who believes that Al-hakim was an incarnation of God


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After firing his shot, Private Carter Druse reloaded his rifle and resumed his watch.
See here, Druse," he said, after a moment's silence, "it's no use making a mystery.
Mark Druse pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving, driving while unfit through drink or drugs and possessing cocaine.
The innovative promotional vehicle, "Investigating Kingdom Hospital: The Journals of Eleanor Druse," helped drive viewers to watch the television event.
Thousands of Druse surrounded the home of one of the two charged Druse Arabs when police arrived to arrest him in July, trapping officers inside for hours before the standoff ended peacefully.
Editor's note: Eleanor Druse is a pen name; the author is Richard Dooling, and according to the book description on amazon.
Herzog argued in favor of greater rights for the Druse and Arab populations in Israel, declaring: ``I am the president of Arabs and Druse, as well as Jews.