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fleshy indehiscent fruit with a single seed: e.g. almond

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While these poison sumac varieties are more easily identified by the fruits, which droop from the branch and are white or gray, staghorn sumacs and other non-poisonous varieties can be spotted by the deeply crimson, round and somewhat-hairy drupes they sport on their upright stalks.
There are two general categories of soft mast known as drupes.
The dipsomaniacs that returned late into the night from their pubs and made their customary urinovomitive halt in the sheltering murk of Sergeant Levarda sometimes found themselves with their noses against the window beyond which kaleidoscopic shapes were twisting and spinning and wobbling, rhodochrosite crystals that liqueified into throbbing exotic flowers sprouting lanceolate protuberances, quills that multiplied like a porcupine's, swords that blunted into milestones, into Gaelic cairns, then they rounded into seeds, swelled into colored drupes, into ink-blue blastulae, then into indigo morulae, so that in the end it all coalesced into one single large zygote of fluorescent plasma, hovering in the dark as if in a black hole.
Diets of emus were composed of native grasses, forbs, mast, drupes, and leaves.
2439914 Milk and milk products; milk-based beverages; yoghurt; beverages based predominantly on dairy products or yoghurt, including milk shakes and flavoured milk drinks; food supplements in liquid or powdered form; cheese; preserved, dried, and cooked fruits; roasted peanuts; peanuts, nuts, kernels, legumes, drupes, pods and seeds, all being prepared or processed; crystallised, frosted and frozen fruits; potato snacks and crisps; snack foods; savoury foods; all included in Class 30.
It is characterized by deciduous spirally arranged leaves, pinnately compound, densely panicle or spike flowers with red color and dense clusters of reddish drupes fruits.
Table 2-7: Antioxidant Content of Selected Berries, Drupes, and Baccate Fruits and Their ORAC Mean Value
Archaeological evidence for diet is uncommon in southeast Cape York Peninsula, but at Red Horse, near Cooktown, pandanus drupes in the deposits date from the early Holocene to the European-contact period (Morwood & L'Oste-Brown 1995a).
Some of the plants have clusters of whitish-green drupes, a berry-like fruit that serves as a winter food source for birds.
Both are large shrubs or small trees that grow to 20 feet tall, and both produce pink-to-lavender flowers followed by bright red drupes (stone fruits).
camara are two-seeded drupes, 4-8 mm in diameter, green and hard when immature, turning to shiny purple/black when ripe (Auld and Medd 1987, Parsons and Cuthbertson 2001).
Oleaceae This family is represented mostly by drupes, but winged fruits occur in some genera.
2435787 Preserved, dried, and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies; jams; milk and milk products; yoghurt; edible oils and fats; roasted peanuts; peanut butter; peanuts, nuts, kernels, legumes, drupes, pods, all being prepared or processed; chocolate nut butter; crystallised, frosted, frozen and preserved fruit; cooked, baked, dried, preserved, processed and stuffed potatoes; potato cakes, snacks, chips, crisps, flakes, fries, salad and skins; snack foods; snack food products; pickles; Indian (ethnic) snack food; beverages based predominantly on dairy products or yoghurt; flavoured milk drinks; beverage ingredients for use in vending machines; ready meals; ready prepared meals; ready prepared desserts; all included in Class 29.
For the green drupes, the additives were lemon peel and parsley followed by the same brine curing.