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a mound of glacial drift

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The researchers, who carried out detailed observations on the ground and using aerial photography, say the evidence includes glacial features such as elongated rounded mounds or drumlins and hummocky landforms or moraines.
He had broad interests, from raising experimental roses, to traveling with geology guide books in search of eskers, drumlins and glacial striations.
Drumlins have relief of up to 20 m and are composed of clay-rich Lawrencetown Till derived from Paleozoic sediments to the east.
These features often represent geological structures (faults, dykes, form lines, lithological contacts) as well as glacial features (eskers, drumlins, flow features).
To recognize this team and the significance of this award, the Central New York team celebration was hosted by Frito-Lay senior executive leadership, including senior vice president and general manager of the North Business Unit Dave Scalera, at a special ceremony today at the Drumlins Country Club in Syracuse, N.
The maps are based on new information on glacial landforms, such as moraines and drumlins, which were discovered using new technology such as remote sensing data that is able to image the land surface and seafloor at unprecedented resolutions.
I think she was suitably impressed by the beauty of the glens and drumlins.
Magnificently showcasing the effects of continental glaciation (in some places the flow of glacial ice was as much as two miles deep) created a variety of geologic features including kames, kettles, drumlins, ice-walled-lake plans, eskers, tunnel channels, basalt bluffs, dells, and rock-strewn terminal moraines.
To understand these questions, you must come with me to a small but picturesque river located deep in central Ontario, tucked somewhere between the serene drumlins of Buckhorn and the rugged landscape of Bobcaygeon.
ANGLESEY has the most extensive tract of ancient rocks in Britain south of the Scottish Highlands: the resulting drumlins give the island its characteristic "basket-of-eggs" topography.
Most of these structures are built within drumlins that were partially dug out before the external dry stonewalls were built up against the face of the excavated hollow.
Extensive glacial deposits of sand and gravel, many drumlins and kettle holes, and a solid Chemung rock formation known as the "Ledges" provide an interesting and challenging terrain.
Choose from trekking in the forest to hill walking routes through the drumlins to hidden woodland.
Investigation of interglacial deposits at Rongu and Karukula, tills, and the structure and formation of drumlins, as well as works on the lithology and lithostratigraphy of Ordovician and Devonian rocks serve as Orviku's significant contribution to Estonian geology.
Ecosystem types included in the Network include mature coniferous and deciduous woodlands, mixed woodlands, shrublands, grasslands, small islands, riparian areas, marshland, natural springs, drumlins, lakeshore, and a wooded fen (Greig et a