drum major

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the leader of a marching band or drum corps

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None of the drum majors described themselves as someone who would have normally attended these parties prior to assuming a leadership position.
PIPE band drum major Claire Downey has missed her chance to be a world champ because her entry form got lost in the post.
The row was sparked by Drum Major Sandy Whillans and Pipe Major Alistair Currie, who said they were frustrated by the band's unwillingness to try out new musical styles and enter competitions.
When Monroe High School drum major Jonathan Ramirez gives the cue this New Year's Day, the 300 young musicians who make up Los Angeles Unified's All-District Honor Band will leave a piece of their hearts and souls on the Tournament of Roses parade route.
The fact that you're seen around the world - that might scare some people,'' said drum major Chris Johnson, 18, from Chatsworth High.
The Falcon of the Year leadership award went to senior Joshua Simonds, one of two drum majors in the unit, who also won the John Phillip Sousa award and was named most outstanding percussionist, said Dan Lintemoot, booster president.
The entire Palmdale unit, directed by Tom Hixon, includes the band, drum majors, percussion and ``auxiliary,'' composed of flag and dance drill team members, Rees said.
And he has just returned from Germany where he received a top honour from more than 50 fellow drum majors after performing in a special drill, despite undergoing gruel l ing radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Many CDCUs were born in response to the injustices, economic and otherwise, that the Civil Rights struggle sought to address," explained federation CEO Cliff Rosenthal, "so it was only fitting that these CDCU leaders be honored with the Drum Majors for Service Award, named after the late Dr.
traditionally, drum majors hurl and catch their maces as they lead a march.
Earlier, scores of visitors watched Royal Welsh Drum Majors march in a procession from the top of the village onto the community field, with regimental goat Billy at the head of the parade.
What will the drum majors call themselves this time, as Ammons will become FAMU's 10th president?
Type of participants: Percussion, marching band flags and drum majors.
Today, those who have marched as singular drum majors are now leading the charge as reparations makes headlines stateside and abroad.
Ulster's Field Marshall Montgomery band was the pick of the crop, claiming first place in the Grade 1 and Adult Drum Majors sections.