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Synonyms for drumbeat

the sound made by beating a drum

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(military) the beating of a drum as a signal for lowering the flag at sundown

a vehement and vociferous advocacy of a cause

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As we rehearsed it, I had the idea to inject a sort of surf drum beat.
It baffles me that anyone could be unable to see the connections between the US-led war in Iraq, the descent of Iraq into anarchy, the drum beat for war against Iran and our Prime Minister's unholy alliance with George W Bush and his sidekicks, such as Condoleezza Rice.
Their final project on December 14 was stunning--a group of hearing and deaf high school students moving and stretching in complete harmony to a loud drum beat," Houston said.
DRUMMERS from across the UK rocked it up in Birmingham to help smash the record for the world's largest simultaneous drum beat.
Everyone had their hands in the air as Kosheen ran through their hits - Catch, Hungry, Harder and the show-stopping Hide U, while tracks from their debut album Resist were backed by the kind of throbbing drum beat which your feet can't help but move to.
Fueled by a jet-set drum beat, Samba Room bartenders serve fresh juices, a highly-caffeinated Cafe Cubano and signature Cuban "coctels" such as the Mojito, concocted of rum with crushed sugar cane, mint and lime and Sangria Blanco, a white-wine twist on the traditional Latin celebratory drink.
Stand out track Machine Age Dancing starts off with a Be My Baby drum beat and moves into a kind of techno soul.
A total of 632 male and female percussionists from as far afield as Singapore, India, Pakistan and Ireland gathered in Centenary Square to perform the same Asian Dhol drum beat for 12 minutes 42 seconds.
There's a spine-tingling moment when the silence is only broken by a drum beat and the rhythmic tapping of soloist Lalo Tejada's heels.
As the drum beat grows louder for the upcoming ``Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith'' (set for a May 19 release), George Lucas is releasing the animated ``Star Wars - Clone Wars, Vol.
The Maccabees - Went Away THIS third single to be taken from the London-based indie rock group's album, Given To The Wild, features a rich layering of sounds including Hawaiian-style surf guitars, a super-fast drum beat, full backing harmonies, 80s-sounding keys, and mellow Madchester-inspired lyrical delivery from lead singer Orlando Weeks.
Dr Zulfiqar Mirza was received by the gathering with dance on the drum beat.
Afghanis danced to their traditional drum beat music to celebrate a famous win in Karachi in their debut at one of the most prestigious events on the T20 night circuit.
Organiser Gurcharan Mall needs to find more support to eclipse the world's largest Dhol drum beat that he helped set outside Sandwell council house in Oldbury ten years ago.
A hypnotic drum beat begins while the guitars, swathed in so much echo, sound as if they're dripping wet.