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a pre-Christian priest among the Celts of ancient Gaul and Britain and Ireland

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Members of the Anglesey Druid Order dressed in cream robes lit a bowl of fire to emulate the power of the sun, and made offerings to the three realms of land, sea and sky.
What happens to us in the afterlife is not so very important to us, what is important is what happens now," said Kristoffer Hughes, head of the Anglesey Druid Order, whose day job is conducting post-mortem examinations in a morgue.
She consulted the British Druid Order about the sculpture and was given advice about what materials to use and how to plant it.
Kristoffer Hughes, head of the Anglesey Druid Order, said the organisation has celebrated the summer solstice at the Bryn Celli Ddu monument for decades.
If the only thing you know about druids is that Ken Barlow is one, pay a visit to the site of the British Druid Order at www.
Mark Graham, from Leicester, a member of the British Druid Order, said: "This is a particularly important site because of the alignment of the stones for the sunrise.
The Rev King Arthur Uther Pendragon, who styles himself the Battle Chieftain of the Council of British Druid Orders and Titular Head and Chosen Chief of the Loyal Arthurian Warband Druid order, failed to persuade the High Court to intervene.
While I have no doubt that Dr Williams has a wonderful personality (and of course as a Welshman I know that the Druid order he belongs to is a cultural society and not a pagan new-age sect), I still see his Gospel as an essentially paganised one which is accommodating itself to the standards of the modern world.
As Emma Restall Orr, the joint chief of the British Druid Order, says: "Now we give ourselves time to stop and breathe deeply, to feel the satisfaction of what has been achieved, to start to relax.
SIR - So Dr Rowan Williams is offended by claims that he has taken part in a pagan rite, by becoming a member of the Gorsedd of Bard's, a modern day druid order.
The self-declared king of his own Druid order said: "There is only one Excalibur and only one Arthur.
Membership of the Druid order (white robe) is honorary only, and includes the winners of the main Eisteddfod prizes and those invited to become members for outstanding services to Wales or the Welsh language.
It is a well known fact the stones in Stonehenge are being regularly misused,particularly by people who call themselves The Druid Order,many of them under the influence of drugs.
Steve Wilson, of the British Council of Druid Orders, said he was pleased with the way it had gone.
Yesterday under an arrangement with English Heritage the site was partially reopened for 100 invited guests, including witches, members of five Druid orders and someone with shocking pink hair.