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a pre-Christian priest among the Celts of ancient Gaul and Britain and Ireland

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We are excited to collaborate with Virtustream and Skilled Analysts in empowering customers to leverage the power of their vast amount of data by using the Druid analytics database," said Mike Driscoll, CEO at Metamarkets.
The move comes thousands of years after the first druids worshipped in Britain.
Its dramatis personae are not the ancient Druids of Caesar, Pliny and Lucan's texts, but rather the extraordinary imaginings of early modern British antiquarians, not least their mythologies concerning Stonehenge.
Rival druid leader Michael McGrath, who calls himself the archdruid of Tara, has told his supporters to shoot rival Con Connor "on sight".
Some Scots are returning to the paganism of the ancient priestly caste of Druids (which practiced human sacrifices).
Druid expects to see ERP revenue squeezed further over the next six months but intends to continue with its investment program.
There are about 10,000 practising druids in Britain with druid orders being spread around the country.
The Druid ritual was entirely disconnected from it.
Thus they exhumed from their graves the long-dead trinity of Druid gods; thus, as their brethren of the U.
The "ancient Druid amulet" promises fame, fortune and true love and "famous psychic Elizabeth Prior" is offering the lucky charm to Midlanders by mail order for pounds 20.
Druid floated back in November 1996 on the strength of demand for support services from SAP R/3 users and derives 70% of its revenues from providing SAP implementation services, although this percentage is expected to fall by about 10% in the coming year.
Gables Residential (NYSE:GBP) (the "Company") today announced it acquired Gables Druid Hills, 272 apartment homes, in the Buckhead Established Premium Neighborhood ("EPN") of Atlanta and sold the Lakes at Indian Creek, 603 apartments, in a non-EPN Atlanta location.
The Druid King tells the story of the Gallic chieftain, Vercingetorix, who united the tribes of Gaul against the Roman invasion led by Julius Caesar.
No druids were interviewed, and no druid asked for 'somewhere to fornicate, please'.
Druid Media, creator of The Bit Screen, the Internationally acclaimed website for "made for the Internet" films, has agreed to merge with Highlandi.