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seizure of illegal drugs by the police

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However, the trend could slow or reverse in the coming months as new Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration step up prosecutions of drug-related crime and immigration offenses.
Developments in United Kingdom drug policy since 1998 have been heavily influenced by concerns about drug-related crime (Duke, 2006; Stevens, 2007).
Teams will work with residents to draw up "pledges" to tackle issues like anti-social behaviour and drug-related crime
She will warn that drug-related crime is costing Britain pounds 15bn a year.
Frightening statistics about drugs and drug-related crime keep appearing, but unless we provide escape routes for addicts the problem will only get worse.
He said: "Drug abuse in the UK is a serious and growing problem, wrecking the lives of 325,000 adult problem drug users and blighting the lives of many more people, be they family or friends or the victims of drug-related crime.
LANCASTER -- Sheriff's deputies arrested 19 people Friday at a homeless encampment in a vacant field as part of an effort to address theft- and drug-related crime in the area.
Effective drug treatment delivers benefits to individuals, reduces the spread of blood-borne viruses such as HIV and hepatitis within the population at large, and improves the safety of communities by reducing drug-related crime.
The report claims the desire to see more police on the beat is the next most important issue for most people, followed by a wish to see drug-related crime tackled.
TORONTO -- Canadian Police Forces have reported that drug-related crime has increased by about 42 per cent since the early 1990's, and now stands at a 20-year high with three in four drug-related incidents in 2002 involving cannabis.
A study by the Rand Corporation found that drug treatment programs are cheaper and eight times more effective than prison time in reducing drug-related crime.
The next step is to come down hard on drug-related crime, with an effective harm reduction programme among addicts, their families and communities, plus a clear and unequivocal message to our young people.
Among the economic costs are costs of substances and treatment (direct individual costs); lost worker output and productivity (indirect individual costs); public expenditures for law enforcement, social services, and drug prevention and education programs (direct societal costs); and the value of productivity lost by perpetrators and victims of drug-related crime and by family caretakers of drug abusers (indirect societal costs).
To deal with the burgeoning problem of drug-related crime, the agency collaborated with local criminal justice officials to develop federally sanctioned drug treatment courts, with the Alliance providing the treatment component for Pierce County's Felony Drug Court and Family Treatment Court.
The death penalty is "not an effective deterrent" relative to other forms of punishment nor does it protect people from drug abuse, he said, adding that the focus of drug-related crime prevention should involve strengthening the justice system and making it more effective.