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a slender tube inserted inside a tubular body part (as a blood vessel) to provide support during and after surgical anastomosis

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director of interventional cardiology, news of the drug-eluting stent is generating widespread interest.
It's just a matter of time before polymer coatings on drug-eluting stents degrade in humans.
Just last Wednesday, MIVT announced remarkable results from preclinical studies of two of its novel biocompatible polymer-free drug-eluting stent coating technologies that matched or even outperformed Cordis' and Boston Scientific's drug eluting stents.
Boston Scientific Corporation today addressed at a meeting with Wall Street analysts and investors in New York the unprecedented market opportunities it foresees in 2003 and 2004 across its businesses, particularly those related to the introduction of its drug-eluting stent technology.
NYSE:MDT) today presented safety and efficacy data from the company's extensive Endeavor[R] drug-eluting stent clinical trial program at a special U.
Recent information presented at leading cardiology conferences estimated that blood clots have been identified in at least 20,000 cases of implanted drug-eluting stents to-date, resulting in approximately 8,000 premature deaths.
The royalty rate in the Conor license exceeds the royalty rate from the drug delivery polymer license between SurModics and Cordis Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson company, on it CYPHER drug-eluting stent.
With extensive clinical data now published in peer-reviewed journals, the Endeavor drug-eluting stent has demonstrated excellent clinical outcomes and we continue to be very encouraged by the product's safety profile," said Ward, who noted that under the pre-specified definitions used in the company's clinical trial protocols, Endeavor has an overall thrombosis rate of 0.
Mark Landy outlines MIVT's proprietary technologies and current product development initiatives targeting the worldwide $6 billion drug-eluting stent marketplace.
Human implantation represents a crucial milestone in MIVT's strategic plan to develop a new class of polymer-free drug-eluting stents that could provide patients with superior outcomes.
Initial hospital costs were $2,800 higher for the patients who received a drug-eluting stent.
The drug-eluting stent seems to be the device for the future by solving (and promising to solve) one of the largest problems of interventional coronary treatment: restenosis.
In the Sirolimus-Eluting Stent in De Novo Native Coronary Lesions (SIRIUS) trial, which compared sirolimus-eluting stents (Cypher) with bare-metal stents, the 1-year incremental cost of the drug-eluting stent was $309 per patient.
Eisenberg advises physicians to take three actions: First, consider the potential consequences of implanting a drug-eluting stent in a specific patient, and perhaps use a bare-metal stent instead if the patient is known to need surgery later or if the patient's compliance with chronic antiplatelet therapy is questionable.
There is even less evidence on using drug-eluting stents for V-stenting of a bifurcation, and it is unclear how cardiologists should manage restenosis within a drug-eluting stent.