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a slender tube inserted inside a tubular body part (as a blood vessel) to provide support during and after surgical anastomosis

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The drug-eluting stent releases drugs to the vessel wall to prevent inflammation and proliferation of cells, thus improving treatment outcomes.
Washington, Mar 29 (ANI): Drug-eluting stents are much safer and superior to bare metal stents in preventing death and heart attacks among cardiac patients, according to researchers from Duke University Medical Center.
Key Words: drug-eluting stent, complications, perioperative complications, myocardial infarction, perioperative clopidogrel
The main on-label drug-eluting stent data considered by the panel was reported by Cordis Chief Technology Officer Campbell Rogers and Boston Scientific Chief Medical Officer Donald Bairn.
Even with widespread use of drug-eluting stents (DES) in the U.
Stone's assessment, there are "pretty good grounds" for using a single drug-eluting stent to treat in-stent restenosis within a bare metal stent.
The advent of the drug-eluting stent may be the answer cardiologists have been seeking.
Also, 28 percent of patients who had a bare-metal stent required another procedure to treat the same blockage, while only 5 percent of patients who had the drug-eluting stent did.
In the Sirolimus-Eluting Stent in De Novo Native Coronary Lesions (SIRIUS) trial, which compared sirolimus-eluting stents (Cypher) with bare-metal stents, the 1-year incremental cost of the drug-eluting stent was $309 per patient.
Research and Development II-31 Extensive R&D Underway in Global Drug-Eluting Stents Market II-31 At the Labs II-31 Other Products Under Trials - A Recent Past Perspective II-31 OMT Developing R-stent II-31 Reva Developing Stainless Steel Bare-Metal Stent II-31 D & P Corp Developing Bovine Pericardium - Covered Stent II-31 Advanced Bio Synthesizing Porous Drug - Eluting Stents II-32 Lombard Medical Developing PEP Coatings II-32 Shiga Develops Biodegradable Drug-Eluting Stent II-32
It's just a matter of time before coatings on drug-eluting stents degrade in humans, and we don't know how that will affect the vessels long term.
5% in patients treated with brachytherapy, a statistically significant difference in favor of the drug-eluting stent, reported Dr.
The promise of next-generation drug-eluting stents that are beginning to emerge--including Medtronic's Endeavor, expected to launch in the United States in late 2007, and Abbott's Xience, currently in clinical trials in the United States and Japan--is likely to help the drug-eluting stent market rebound from its current low.
Stentys is developing the world's first second-generation dedicated drug-eluting stent for treatment of blocked coronary artery bifurcations so that hundreds of thousands of patients might avoid open-chest surgery.