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a rigorously controlled test of a new drug or a new invasive medical device on human subjects

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It seems like a lot of people in your drug trials have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, so can you tell us what the disease is?
Strategies also may be developed to foster continued participation in the study to ensure integrity of the experimental drug trial design without jeopardizing the participant's emotional health.
A PROFESSOR of surgery accused of falsifying results in drug trials has been cleared of serious professional misconduct, the General Medical Council has announced.
Six men were left suffering multiple organ failure after taking part in the drug trial at Northwick Park Hospital, north west London, in March.
The horror stories of the six men whoEve been in a coma for a week after taking part in the cancer drug trial still make frightening reading.
A DEVASTATED dad made a dash from Scotland to London last night after his son fell critically ill while taking part in a drug trial.
producer of HIPAA-conforming iTrials(TM) technology, is partnering with The Independent Practice Association of America (TIPAAA), the nation's leading trade organization of Independent/Integrated Physician Associations in the United States, to speed clinical drug trial recruitment and execution.
As these words ring in my head, I find that I can rise above the sense of doom and gloom by reading about a new drug trial or expanding my knowledge base about an MS symptom which is particularly troublesome for me at the moment.
The new drug trial was stopped when it resulted in over 50% more deaths than the control group, raising questions about the safety of these pharmaceutical interventions.
ELEPHANT man drug trial victim Ryan Wilson must have all his fingers and toes amputated as a result of the botched experiment.
Because it is clear that a comprehensive understanding of disease depends on the integration of genetics, proteomics, environmental factors and clinical and medical information from humans, Gemini's approach is to collect and analyze that information from a wide range of human population groups, including twins, disease-affected families, isolated (founder) populations and drug trial subjects.
His partner, Dr Sheena Milne, said Dr Chima "switched notes" in Mr Blair's records to make it appear as if he was involved in the drug trial.
Although scheduled to continue until May 1995, the drug trial was called off on Jan.
The international drug trial is coordinated by the Eastern Virginia Medical School of Norfolk, Va.
ELEPHANT man drug trial victim Ryan Wilson will lose all his fingers and toes because of the botched experiment.