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Synonyms for safety

Synonyms for safety

the quality or state of being safe

Synonyms for safety

the state of being certain that adverse effects will not be caused by some agent under defined conditions

a safe place

a device designed to prevent injury or accidents

(baseball) the successful act of striking a baseball in such a way that the batter reaches base safely

contraceptive device consisting of a sheath of thin rubber or latex that is worn over the penis during intercourse

a score in American football

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Stephenson, a medical doctor with a particular interest in epidemiology and risk management, works closely with patients, academics/government, pharmacists, physicians and the industry to advance drug safety in the US.
Founded in 2000, Drug Safety Alliance (DSA) provides pharmacovigilance expertise to large and small pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to ensure and improve patient safety.
3 million is earmarked for drug safety efforts over the life-time of a drug.
Review and discussion of current government and industry drug safety initiatives;
We will keep the promise of the FDA brand by putting in place more rigorous oversight and collecting and sharing important and emerging information about drug safety and effectiveness.
The interoperability of health records is an essential element to our efforts to improve drug safety and create value in health care.
Sam brings top industry experience and an in-depth understanding of drug safety to OVATION," said Jeffrey S.
The growth of the global pharmacovigilance and drug safety software market is mainly driven by increasing incidence rates of adverse drug reactions (ADRs), growing adoption of pharmacovigilance software by outsourcing companies (such as CROs and BPOs), and huge pressure on pharma companies to develop novel and safe drugs.
This is an expansion of Drug Safety Navigator, LLC current services.
Traditionally, drug safety groups have operated as drug safety factories, which incurred significant capital expenses in building infrastructure related to technology, processes, people and other operational investments.
The new China-US agreement on drug safety specifies new requirements for both countries for the registration and certification of drug ingredient manufacturers, as well as new procedures for information sharing, notification of adverse events, determination of counterfeits and facility access.
In response to a 2006 Institute of Medicine drug safety report and recommendations, the Food and Drug Administration in January outlined a "comprehensive commitment" to drug safety that includes strengthening science, improving communication and improving agency management.
On the heels of this news the FDA has issued final guidance that describes its current approach to communicating drug safety information, including emerging safety information, to the public.
Officials at the Food and Drug Administration are planning to reorganize its Center for Drug Evaluation and Research in an effort to improve the agency's approach to drug safety and to help improve drug development.
The current organizational structure perpetuates the mis-perception that ensuring drug safety is solely the responsibility of the current Office of Drug Safety.