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Local police spent about four months investigating the drug ring, defining key personnel in the operation.
Director General of the Federal Anti-Narcotics Department Colonel Saeed Abdullah Al Suwaidi said anti-narcotics authorities in Russia and the USA coordinated and kept the UAE authorities informed and the department gathered information that the drug ring was involved in smuggling huge quantities of drugs and hallucinogenic substances, and trafficking the contraband in different Russian cities.
Denpasar :An Indonesian court Wednesday handed down the first sentence in a drug ring case involving four Britons on the holiday island of Bali, jailing one of the accused for four years.
Detective Superintendent Peter Farrell, of the Total Policing Task Force, said: "We believe that this enforcement activity has smashed a major drug ring operating in the North-east.
No new information was filed in court detailing Officer Burgos' alleged role in the drug ring.
Attorney Frank Papagni described Arciga as an upper-level manager in a sophisticated drug ring infiltrated by local police and federal agents during an eight-month investigation that began in mid-2006.
NINE members of a Vietnamese drug ring were yesterday handed sentences totalling almost 20 years for their role in the production of pounds 2m of cannabis.
Nicholas Jake Gompo Barton has been sentenced to three years for his part in a drug ring.
The drug ring, which stretched from South Wales to Essex, Devon and Coventry, was shattered in December 2004.
When her house is raided and she's charged as a co-conspirator in his drug ring, Susan finds herself facing 20 years in jail with no recourse.
THOUSAND OAKS - Three men were arrested at the Promenade at Westlake on marijuana charges, culminating a month-long investigation into a drug ring operating in the Conejo Valley, authorities said Thursday.
As part of a crackdown on the alleged drug ring police raided 15 homes in Sydney on Monday (9 May) and 11 people were arrested.
Each time police break up a drug ring, another group emerges to take up the challenge while inside prison, drug dealing continues.
Following up on a story The National Enquirer broke on October 2, CNN reported that the conservative radio commentator's name had come up during "an investigation of a black market drug ring in South Florida," where Limbaugh has a home.
Dodds, of Balfron, Stirlingshire, got 15 years for his role in a Turkish drug ring.