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a person who controls an organization dealing in illegal drugs


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Joseph Victor Ejercito lamented the DOJ was on a 'clearing spree' and warned the resolution clearing Espinosa, Peter Lim and 20 other alleged drug lords could weaken the Duterte administration's campaign against illegal drugs.
It's either they were hiding it because they were complicit in the deal with the drug lords (including the deal for the perpetuation of their lies against me), or they are so incompetent as to be completely ignorant of the dismissal a full three months after the fact.
There can be no excuse to both the PNP's and the DOJ's failure to bring real drug lords to court and before the bars of justice.
Antonio Trillanes IV also said DOJ's exoneration of these known drug lords is yet another proof that what Duterte unleashed upon the country is a fake drug war.
15 million) worth of shabu," said Magleo, adding Sebastian 'centralised' illegal drug operations at NBP from December 2014 to August 2015 and drug lords from mainland China and Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan looked to him as a leader.
authorities handed over Mexican drug lord Hector "El Guero" Palma to Mexico Wednesday where he was immediately arrested on homicide charges, Mexican officials said.
The Russian drug lord entered the UAE under a false name, the official noted adding that within one day, the authorities discovered the fake identity he used to enter the country.
Lebanese Interior Minister Ziad Baroud announced on Saturday that one of the largest drug lords in the Bekaa Valley has been arrested, according to a report in the Jordanian daily AL RAI on Sunday.
The agents are using traditional drug fighting techniques such as sting operations to capture these drug lords and disrupt their heroin operations.
Proponents of drug legalization are often accused of being in the pay of the drug lords, a testament to the power the narcos wielded in the past, especially in Colombia's Congress.
Foreign supplies (in this case, Afghanistan, mirroring the British miniseries and becoming more timely in the wake of news of drug lords emerging there) are shot in amber hues.
8 million were forced to close on orders of jailed drug lords unhappy with their living conditions.
Under the orders of drug lords, businesses and schools across the city shut down on September 30 under threat of retaliation.
While the drug lords, suppliers, and corrupt officials come across as despicable and venal characters, their opposite numbers in the Mexican police force and the Drug Enforcement Agency are not paragons of virtue either.
President Rodrigo Duterte should 'review' the personalities in his cabinet to determine their fitness to hold their position, House of Representatives minority members urged on Wednesday in the wake of the Department of Justice's (DOJ) acquittal of suspected drug lords.