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Synonyms for intolerance

Synonyms for intolerance

irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race, or religion

Antonyms for intolerance

impatience with annoyances

Related Words

unwillingness to recognize and respect differences in opinions or beliefs

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These findings have operational implications for monitoring for drug intolerance during therapy for leprosy.
He reported on 100 consecutive patients with severe chronic spontaneous urticaria and no known baseline psychiatric disease who were evaluated by dermatologists seeking underlying causes of the skin disease, including food or drug intolerance, chronic infection, and autoreactive phenomena.
Those future guidelines might look something like this: Do not start HIV therapy if there are no antiretroviral options due to drug intolerance, drug interactions, or transmitted multidrug resistance, and be cautious about starting antiretroviral therapy in a patient with a CNS lesion, said Dr.
19] that also found that in 134 Brazilian MDR-TB patients, the factors associated to inadequate treatment leading to resistance were: non adherence, extreme poverty, drug intolerance, mistakes in the clinical management, lack of medication, two or more treatments in the past, bilateral radiological lesions and large pulmonary cavitations.
Special Considerations: Cough, drug intolerance, and hypotension were the most common reasons for stopping treatment in those on Aceon, compared with placebo.
This allows us to raise the dose as high as 54-60 mg/day with much less drug intolerance.
The researchers analyzed medical records for 233 hypertensive patients, half of whom had experienced more than one episode of intolerance to antihypertensive drugs; the others had no record of drug intolerance.
Among adults, the test patients are the motivated ones, says Marlowe -- people with drug intolerance or poor lung function that would make chemical anesthesia dangerous, or people who are emotionally upset at the idea of anesthesia.
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