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He told officers he did not say anything because he knew he was in the wrong and was using the money to fund a drug habit," said Mr Buckland.
The district judge due to sentence Pete Doherty adjourned his hearing yesterday to give the singer a chance to kick his drug habit, his lawyer said.
Robert Porter is one of the most respected counselors at People In Progress, the rehab center where he used to live a decade ago and where he spent months kicking his drug habit.
Straightforward narratives Build and Into the Night are solid yet unspectacular, while Rock Bottom--about a lonely, chubby gay man who takes home a seemingly honest hustler with a drug habit and ulterior motives-mesmerizingly unfolds with twists and sordid developments.
If you're still reading this then you should probably get a drug habit.
Almost all have been pushed into crime to support their drug habit.
A Garda source revealed: "The average drug habit costs EUR70 per day or EUR500 per week.
Shepard's murder, insisted prosecutor Rerucha, grew out of a robbery motivated by McKinney's drug habit.
A man who was caught by a homeowner as he was halfway through a window was sentenced Thursday to 15 years in prison for a spree of burglaries, car thefts and car break-ins that his lawyer said were driven by his drug habit and his peer group.
Finally, at 17, Clarissa was arrested for grand larceny-stealing to fund her drug habit.
America's $50 billion annual drug habit will not change even if the current Plan Colombia is successful.
The appellant team was particularly buoyed by the last-minute admittance of fresh evidence for their case: the fact that even after the mother was free to leave the treatment centre, she stayed of her own free will, halted her drug habit, and gave birth to an apparently healthy baby.
A BUSINESSMAN with a long-term drug habit turned to crime to fund his addiction when his firm collapsed.
A BLACK Country man who smashed a PS1,000 supermarket window so he could steal PS434 worth of spirits to fund his drug habit, has been jailed.
Defending barrister Simon Hunka said: "The defendant has suffered a significant drug habit for a long period of time, and when there is a drug habit, often crime follows.
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