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He added: "There's an underlying problem, he's carrying out these low level thefts to fund his drug habit.
Her solicitor Sonia Kidd said that the offence was committed to fund Wharton's Class A drug habit.
Zhao Min, deputy director of the center, said one key problem in abandoning drug habits is the difficulty for the staff and even the addicts to know how badly they are addicted.
Prodipta Sen, Executive Director, Alpha G:Corp thanked the Doctors of Swami Vivekananda Drug De-Addiction & Treatment Centre and the scores of Volunteers for taking the noble initiative to create awareness about the dreaded drug habit.
Locking him up, Recorder Gordon said: "No doubt needing to feed your drug habit, you broke in there looking for something to steal and sell for drugs.
CHAMPAGNE was stolen by a man to fund his drug habit.
Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court was told he continued to claim benefits when he started shift work as a barman to fund his drug habit.
Ringleader Darren Dorsett, 31, was captured repeatedly on CCTV carrying out the innocent- looking raids to help finance his drug habit.
Earlier this month the panel met to review its previous order from November 2006, which followed Mr Ryan's admission of his drug habit, and his dismissal from the multiple for 'gross misconduct'.
The shock proposal came as it emerged HALFour 78,000 inmates have a "serious" drug habit, leading to eight out of 10 reoffending within two years.
The district judge due to sentence Pete Doherty adjourned his hearing yesterday to give the singer a chance to kick his drug habit, his lawyer said.
Robert Porter is one of the most respected counselors at People In Progress, the rehab center where he used to live a decade ago and where he spent months kicking his drug habit.
Straightforward narratives Build and Into the Night are solid yet unspectacular, while Rock Bottom--about a lonely, chubby gay man who takes home a seemingly honest hustler with a drug habit and ulterior motives-mesmerizingly unfolds with twists and sordid developments.
If you're still reading this then you should probably get a drug habit.
Almost all have been pushed into crime to support their drug habit.
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