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For a number of reasons, doctors frequently override drug allergy (and drug-drug interaction) alerts.
Genetic polymorphism in the enzymes which metabolize drugs, familial genetic predisposition, immune deficiency, some diseases including AIDS and EBV increase the risk of drug allergy.
Correctly making a drug allergy diagnosis is further complicated if the drug must undergo some bioactive transformation before it can be immunogenic and stimulate the immune system.
Aberer W, Bircher A, Romano A, Blanca M, Campi P, Fernandez J, et al; European Network for Drug Allergy (ENDA); EAACI interest group on drug hypersensitivity.
A total of 95 (26%) had a definitive record of a drug allergy in their clinical notes or on the drug chart, but 74% did not.
As I said, a rash is the most common sign of a drug allergy but it is also a common sign of illness and it is difficult to tell which has caused it.
Without the availability of a penicillin skin test, physicians have "stepped back 30 years" in managing the 10% of the population who have a history of penicillin allergy, which is the most frequently reported drug allergy, said Eric Macy, M.
However rates of food and drug allergy, nettle rash and other allergic reactions are increasing rapidly, claim researchers.
After reading the following featured CME articles, clinicians will be more familiar with the basic mechanisms of allergy; the control of allergic inflammation due to allergic rhinosinusitis, asthma, and atopic dermatitis; and the common allergic reactions associated with insect and drug allergy.
Rx InHand also provides access to three clinical modules--Drug-Drug Interaction Module[TM], the Drug Allergy Module[TM] and the Duplicate Therapy Database[TM].
The choice of antibiotic had been based on the sensitivity of pathogens at our institution; we currently use cefuroxime for patients who have no drug allergy and clindamycin for patients who are allergic to penicillin.
It should not be taken during pregnancy or by those with sulfa drug allergy.
Either these patients had misreported the drug allergy, or it had worn off over the years.
Based on applications, the CDSS market is segmented into drug allergy alerts, drug reminders, drug-drug interactions, clinical guidelines, clinical reminders, drug dosing support, and others.
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