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He called for pragmatic measures to curb such smoking besides setting up rehabilitation centres in the province for treatment of drug addicts.
Mohammad Tahir Khalily, who got around 25 years experience of working with drug addicts and published numerous research articles on addiction, said,We have not formulated any comprehensive internal policy to address the issue.
In some cases, parents of reformed drug addicts doubt their behaviour.
The largest number of drug addicts were registered in Dushanbe.
Currently there are about 41,000 drug addict patients at rehab centres across the country with 4 per cent of those female.
Among its other functions, providing treatment to the drug addicts and rehabilitation of drug addicts are main roles of the NDDCB.
Eleven drug addicts, including three head constables and a constable, joined the de- addiction programme on Monday.
A drug addict that is trying to recover, Lt Col Al Shamsi said, needs to be isolated from society for some time, until the drug withdrawal symptoms are gone.
Heroin is the main drug used by nearly 90% of the drug addicts in the country.
The SGK, which used to cover only a limited part of alcohol and drug addiction treatment expenditures, will start covering the entire treatment expenses of alcohol and drug addicts.
Dr Ahmed Dawoud estimates that only two out of ten drug addicts receive proper treatment in public drug addiction treatment centres
The 3rd Circuit upheld the decision on March 29, saying that although the ADA does protect drug addicts, the hospital did not violate the act when it terminated Reilly for lying on his application.
Duncan McDougall, Greenock I WAS sick to read of the way the Goverment are throwing money at chemists to treat drug addicts.
After all, it's well-known that both drug addicts and alcoholics will lie, cheat and even steal to get the money for their next fix or drink.
Summary: ALKHOBAR: There has been a substantial increase in the number of drug addicts who are still on the waiting list of patients registered at various Al-Amal hospitals in the Kingdom.