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Hawaiian picture-wings and other Drosophilidae have supplied the scientific community, and the general public, with a wealth of biological knowledge over the years.
Protecting the picture-wing species, and the rest of the Drosophilidae family, by preserving and restoring its natural habitat and eliminating invasive alien species is vital.
Eight families were found at Tabi, but not at Kiuic: Sarcophagidae, Ropalomeridae, Drosophilidae, Therevidae, Ceratopogonidae, Sciomyzidae, Calliphoridae, and Platystomatidae.
The families of Phoridae, Heleomyzidae, Bibionidae, Scatopsidae, Scenopinidae, and Mydidae which were found at the Kiuic site, are fairly general, as are the families of Sarcophagidae, Drosophilidae, Therevidae, Ceratopogonidae, Sciomyzidae, and Calliphoridae which were found within the Tabi site.
The two most commonly seen fly species were Drosophila falleni and Leucophengavaria, both of the family Drosophilidae.
Changes in Brazilian Drosophilidae (Diptera) assemblages across an urbanization gradient.
A recent extensive molecular study of the Schizophora indicates that the superfamily Ephydroidea comprises seven families, namely Braulidae, Camillidae, Cryptochaetidae, Curtonotidae, Diastatidae (including Campichoeta Macquart), Drosophilidae and Ephydridae (Wiegmann et al.
knowltoni Curran 1 Tabanidae 1 Dolichopodidae 1 Syrphidae 5 Copestylum pallens (Weidemann) 4 Palpada alhambra (Hull) 2 Syritta pipiens (Linnaeus) 13 Acalyptratae 2 Otitidae 2 Ceroxys latiusculus (Loew) 1 Ephydridae Ochthera mantis (DeGeer) 2 Drosophilidae 1 Scathophagidae 1 Calyptratae Calliphoridae 1 Sarcophagidae Ravinia sp.
15 Coleoptera Cleridae Necrobia rufipes 16 Coleoptera Histeridae * 17 Coleoptera Dermestidae * 17 Diptera Drosophilidae Drosophila spp.