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Synonyms for drosophila

small fruit fly used by Thomas Hunt Morgan in studying basic mechanisms of inheritance

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Some aspects of epidemiology of filth flies: Musca domestica, Musca domestica vicina, Drosophilia melanogaster and associated bacteria pathogens in Ekpoma, Nigeria.
Crossing Drosophilia," Somers-Willett) In the lab, beneath the long, audible bulbs, a fan turns on.
Dr Moffat and Professor Frenguelli will use the fruit fly, or Drosophilia melanogaster, as a model in their research into Alzheimer's disease, a progressive neurodegenerative disorder.
Using a PD fly model of transgenic Drosophilia, which results in the formation of Lewy bodies and subsequent loss of dopaminergic neurons and behaviour abnormality, the effect of B.
Mutual Interest Between the Sexes and Reproductive Success in Drosophilia Pseudoobscura, 56 EVOLUTION 2437 (2002).
The hAES gene is a variant of the Drosophilia groucho and human transducin-like enhancer of split (TLE) genes.