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the type genus of Droseraceae including many low bog-inhabiting insectivorous plants

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A strict dependence of plant size on quantity of supplied Drosophila flies was found in Drosera rotundifolia growing outdoors in big cubes of natural peat for 15 weeks and watered by rain water (Schulze & Schulze, 1990).
In contrast with the findings of the above authors and Rychnovska-Soudkova (1954), evidence was also given which implies a negative influence of insect feeding and soil nutrient supply on Drosera rotundifolia growth (Stewart & Nilsen, 1992).
On the contrary, small naturally growing specimens of Drosera rotundifolia are even supposed to die when permanently deprived of prey (Schulze & Schulze, 1990).
Study on mineral nutrition of Drosera rotundifolia L.
Cirsium oleraceum Cirsium palustre Deschampsia caespitosa + Drosera rotundifolia Epilobium adenocaulon Epilobium angustifolium + Epilobium hirsutum Epilobium montanum Eriophomm vaginatum + + + + Galinsoga ciliata Lycopodium annolinum Melampyrum pratense + Mycelis muralis Orthilia secunda Oxycoccus palustris + Poa trivialis Pteridium aquilinum + Pyrola rotundifolia Rubus chamaemorus Senecio vulgaris Taraxacum spp.