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one-humped camel of the hot deserts of northern Africa and southwestern Asia

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As new human cases of MERS-CoV continue to emerge, without any clues about the sources of infection except for people who caught it from other patients, these new results suggest that dromedary camels may be one reservoir of the virus that is causing MERS-CoV in humans," Chantal Reusken of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in Bilthoven, the Netherlands, said.
These 8-month-old dromedary camel calves, located outside of the Al Omran abattoir, exhibited purulent nasal and lachrymal discharge; MERS-CoV RNA was detected in nasal swab specimens from these 2 calves (Figure 1).
Three-quarters of dromedary camels in Saudi Arabia have been infected with the virus that causes Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, according to the most thorough survey of the animals there.
Results of cross-sectional study of MERS-CoV antibodies and RNA and MERS-CoV isolation in dromedary camels at 3 sampling sites, Dubai, March-June, 2014 * Age group, y Mean no.
Three native-born adult male dromedary camels (Camelus dromedarius) were obtained through private sale; the animals tested negative by neutralization assay for MERS-CoV and for bovine coronavirus by ELISA.
The present study showed that dromedary camels from Kenya have antibodies against MERS-CoV, which complements the current finding that MERS-CoV is a common pathogen in dromedary camel populations (5,6,8,9,13).
We isolated MERS-CoV from the nasal cavity of 1 dromedary camel and demonstrated its infectiousness.
MERS-CoV RNA has been detected in dromedary camels (3,4), and dromedary infection precedes human infection (5).
Dromedary camels have been identified as a possible intermediate host on the basis of MERS-CoV antibodies and detection of MERS-CoV viral RNA in respiratory swab samples (13).
Reverse transcription PCR for a 284-bp fragment in ORF2 of this HEV, which we named dromedary camel HEV (DcHEV), was positive for 3 fecal samples; viral loads were 3.
Percentage identity between ORFs of dromedary camel MERS-CoV (NRCE-HKU205) and human MERS-CoV (EMC/2012) at the nucleotide and amino acid levels * ORF % Identity to HCoV-EMC/2012 Nucleotide Amino acid ORF1a 99.
Replication and shedding of MERS-CoV in upper respiratory tract of inoculated dromedary camels.
They keep both dromedary camels - which have one hump and come from North Africa and the Middle East - and rarer Bactrian camels, which have two humps and come from Central Asia.
We'll be using those cells and trying to produce those animals from dromedary camels.
Statistics from the Central Veterinary Institute (CVI), Dubai, reveal that currently there are 300,000 dromedary camels in the UAE and every single one belongs to someone and is registered.