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Synonyms for drain

Synonyms for drain

to remove (a liquid) by a steady, gradual process

to lessen or weaken severely, as by removing something essential

to diminish the strength and energy of

Synonyms for drain

emptying something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it

tube inserted into a body cavity (as during surgery) to remove unwanted material

Related Words

a pipe through which liquid is carried away

a gradual depletion of energy or resources

flow off gradually


Related Words

empty of liquid

Related Words

make weak

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Patient and physician surveys were conducted to determine satisfaction with the DRN model.
Ond dyna dwi'n ei hoffi am deithio ar drn - chi'n cael cymysgedd o bobl o bob rhan o gymdeithas; cymysgedd o bobl sy'n siarad Cymraeg a rhai sy''n siarad Saesneg a phobl o grefyddau a chefndiroedd gwahanol.
DRN enjoys competitive pricing from its vendors, including Phillips Communications & Equipment, Verestar, RevCom, Kent Datacomm, PairGain/ADC and Cisco Systems.
RAISING STANDARDS: DRN managing director Andy Firman, left, with FXW director Simon Harrison, centre, and FXW adviser Ben Stitfall
Knowledge2Go, announced today that it has entered into a Letter of Intent to purchase DRN, LLC, a two-year-old operating company that supplies equipment and services for telecommunications projects in numerous countries.
Tenders are invited for ctn of ug pipe line with 600 mm dia np2 pipe and rd repairing of 350 m frm gotberia near mayfair to high drn at kumarpara 1st lane via elachi chakraborty para betn the two projects of nikhil ghosh within w 26 part 1
Our mission is to provide every customer with 'A Greater Experience,'" said James Byerley, DRN Engineering Manager.
Wolfgang Scholz, President of DIT, explains, "The addition of DRN makes Praxis a much more powerful system.
Tenders are invited for Construction of UG Pipe Line with 600mm dia NP2 pipe and Rd Repairing of 400 M frm Gotberia near Mayfair to the high drn at Kumarpara 1st lane near Shakti Sangha club via Elachi Chakraborty para btn the 2 projects of Nikhil Ghosh within W 26 Part 3
Several DRN members have already been mobilized to assist victims of Hurricane Charley.
The most sophisticated tool available for managing patient drug risk, DRN Patient Plus enables patients to easily perform drug interaction risk checks by specific drug, medical condition, and/or drug allergy -- all through a few simple clicks on a keyboard.
Albert Warren, Warren Publishing editor and publisher and Judith Gross, DRN Inc.