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a wheel that drives a motor vehicle (transforms torque into a tractive force)

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The curb climbing application uses the vertical motion of each of MEBot's six wheels and the horizontal motion of the driving wheels [22].
While theoretical speeds of the individual machines' driving wheels are not the same, driven axles are forced to rotate at the same speed, which corresponds to the speed of the whole combination of machines.
During the self-propelling process the interaction between the driving wheels and the path gives birth to reacting forces and moments.
The defective joint could make it impossible for a driver to control the driving wheels if a bolt on the joint falls off.
Each set of driving wheels has its own steam cylinders, resulting in two engines under one boiler.
patent: 6,736,381 Issued: May 18, 2004 Inventor: Jean Chesne Assigned: SNR Roulements Key statement: A suspension stop device for a motor vehicle driving wheels, including a filtering block having an upper housing fixed relative to the vehicle body and co-operating with a lower housing mobile in rotation about a shock absorber rod and supporting a suspension spring, and a ball bearing.
Once you are on the move, if traction is not 100 per cent or the driving wheels end of the car slides sideways, it's because wheelspin is still excessive.
com) are already making a variety of inexpensive alternatives, as well as some unusual accessories such as keyboards, light guns and driving wheels.
Slip them under the driving wheels and try to drive out without spinning the wheels, advises the AA.
The crankshaft transforms the up-and-down movement of the pistons through connecting rods to the transmission and eventually to the driving wheels.
For locomotion, each minirobot uses six wheels, out of which three are driving wheels.
Front-wheel drive does have some disadvantages, when the steering wheels are also the driving wheels, it can create "torque steer" which is caused by accelerating out a bend and the steering pulling the car against you.
The ThrustMaster product line includes flight controllers, pinball flippers, driving wheels, a golf device, and gamepads.
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